Equitable Access to Care study team holds Symposium in Victoria

The UVic Equitable Access to Care study team is finalizing a 3-year ethnographic, CIHR-funded, research project documenting the end-of-life experiences of people facing poverty, homelessness and inadequate housing, racialization, stigmatization of mental health and substance use, and other structural inequities in Victoria. On October 17, 2017, we held a symposium to share study findings and recommendations, offer panel presentations on research and promising practices, and engage key stakeholders in strategy discussions to move the agenda forward on improving access to and quality care at end-of-life for structurally vulnerable people in Victoria.

Presentations included:

  • Access to end-of-life care for structurally vulnerable people: research findings
  • From evidence to practice: promising practices in delivering palliative care to structurally vulnerable people
  • From analysis to action: lessons learned from research on integration of a palliative approach to care

Panels included:

  • Considerations for the integration of a palliative approach in our local health systems
  • Supporting providers in inner city health, housing  & support services to integrate palliative approaches to care
  • Supporting structurally vulnerable people and their chosen supports to engage in service planning

To access the Symposium Report click here