UVic research team

Dr. Kelli Stajduhar

Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health and School of Nursing

Dr. Kelli Stajduhar is a professor in the School of Nursing and Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health at the University of Victoria. She has worked in oncology, palliative care, and gerontology for 30 years as a practicing nurse, educator, and researcher.  Her clinical work and research has focused on health service needs for those at the end-of-life and their families, and on the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Ami Bitschy

Research Coordinator
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Ami Bitschy has an undergraduate and masters’ degree in biochemistry from the University of Victoria. She primarily spends her time ‘whispering to budgets’ and coordinating the Pan-Canadian CIHR study, “Tackling the Home Care Challenge”, with Drs. Kelli Stajduhar and Damien Contandriopoulos.

Carren Dujela

Research coordinator
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Carren Dujela is an experienced Research Coordinator with the Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging and Community Health research program led by Dr. Kelli Stajduhar. She holds a MA in Sociology from the University of Victoria, undergraduate degrees in English and Sociology, and a LPN specializing with adults with severe dual diagnosis. She has spent the last 18+ years engaged in all aspects of the research process and project management. Carren lives in Saanich with her husband and two sons. She loves to travel, support her family fulfil their dreams, study the intersections of life and love, and is a proud member of NunatuKavut.


Melissa Giesbrecht

Research Associate
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Melissa Giesbrecht, PhD, is a Research Associate at the University of Victoria's Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health and a research collaborator at Simon Fraser University, Department of Geography. As a health geographer by training, she is interested in the spatial and place-based dimensions of health and health care, with a particular focus on end-of-life.

Breanna Horne

Research Assistant
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Breanna Horne received her BA from Simon Fraser University, with a joint major in Anthropology and Sociology. She is a recent addition to the team and back in Victoria after a long hiatus. Her preoccupations include literary theory and criticism; semiotics; and the interplay between language, thought, and identity. She loves being outdoors and is looking for ways to become a more active member of her community.

Ashley Mollison

Project Coordinator/PhD Student
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health
Ashley Mollison is the project coordinator for the Equity in Palliative Approaches to Care (ePAC) collaborative. In 2019, Ashley began a PhD in the UVic Social Dimensions of Health Program and became a Vanier Scholar in 2020. Her research focuses on family caregiving at the end-of-life in contexts of inequity such as poverty, homelessness, stigma, criminalization, and isolation.
Kara Whitlock

Research Assistant
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Kara Whitlock is a research assistant for the Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health program. She completed her BSW (honours) at Uvic and will graduate in August 2021 from the Master of Social Work program at the University of Waterloo/Renison. Kara thinks a lot about critical theory, the philosophy of science, grief and bereavement, and all things harm reduction.