UVic Strategic Research Plan

Strategic research plan

The UVic Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021 prepares the university for future research excellence and positions us to move forward as we continue to make important contributions to society and the world around us.

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At the core of the Plan are five priorities, and associated objectives and strategies, for enhancing and leveraging the best of UVic research:

Defining and achieving research excellence

UVic will align resources, supports and incentives to ensure that, alongside teaching, the pursuit of research excellence remains at the forefront of its academic mission.

Enhancing the integration of research and education

UVic will support the integration of research and educational programs to create learning opportunities that reflect UVic’s extraordinary environment and contribute to the vital impact of research.

Expanding partnerships, innovation and entrepreneurship

UVic will expand its focus on partnerships to enhance innovation; generate new research opportunities; engage with community partners; mobilize knowledge in society, policy and professional practice; and support entrepreneurship.

Improving research competitiveness through differentiation and specialization

Building on its unique combination of history, place and dynamic capabilities, UVic will continue to concentrate resources in areas that have already demonstrated—or show real prospects of—research excellence.

Enhancing and optimizing the provision of research services

By making strategic investments in people, support systems and infrastructure, UVic will further the pursuit of research excellence for researchers and the university as a whole.

Implementing the UVic Strategic Research Plan

The UVic Strategic Research Plan (SRP) commits to tracking and reporting on implementation over the life of the plan. To date, the following reports have been prepared:

1.  SRP 2017 Progress Report and Scorecard

2.  SRP 2016 Progress Report and Scorecard