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CIHR Foundation Grant

Discipline: Health and Medical Sciences

Internal deadline: Stage 1 Application: two weeks prior to external deadline

External deadline: Registration: TBD/Stage 1 Application: TBD

Additional information

The CIHR Foundation Grant is designed to contribute to a sustainable foundation of new and established health research leaders by providing long-term support for the pursuit of innovative and high-impact research programs.

The Foundation Scheme is expected to:

  • Support a broad base of health research leaders across all career stages, areas, and health-related disciplines with a demonstrable track record of excellence and impact in their field of study;
  • Develop and maintain Canadian capacity in health research and other related fields;
  • Provide research leaders with the flexibility to pursue novel and innovative lines of inquiry;
  • Contribute to the creation and application of health-related knowledge through a wide range of research and/or knowledge translation activities, including relevant collaborations

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