Online System for Human Research Ethics - Updated October 4, 2017

The Office of Research Services (ORS) and UVic Systems is developing an online research ethics portal.


  • A one-stop integrated online system for submission of ethics application forms, suporting and tracking the review processes and document storage
  • Enables researchers, ORS staff and research accounting to connect ethics approvals with research accounts for efficiency, compliance and funding release on ethics approvals
  • Compliant with Tri-Agency (federal) requirements

Benefits for UVic researchers:

  • Supports application preparation, electronic sign-off in departments and submission to Office of Research Services
  • Tracks the status of ethics applications, submission of required changes, and monitors expiry dates of protocols
  • Researchers can view the status of their applications and monitor the progress of review and approval process
  • Provides a repository for documents, including applications, certifications and renewals


System architecture began in December 2015. Ethics module development is underway. Development will continue through 2017-2018 and the anticipated roll out will be in the summer of 2018.

Paper-based applications will be transitioned out gradually. The UVic research community will be well informed prior to the start of this transition.

If you are a UVic researcher (faculty, students, staff) and would like to volunteer to test the usability of the system, please contact Jeta Rugova-Plakolli at


Pilot testing and usability testing for the first part of the workflow (start application  >>  signoff  >> submission to research ethics office) took place in May and August and the RAIS team are in the last stages of finalizing the changes required as a result of this testing. All three application forms (standard, anonymized and the course-based) have been added to the workflow.

The home page and the project page have also been designed and developed.

Next steps include developing the triage and review workflow for all three types of application forms, followed by pilot and usability testing.

Background Information

Office of Research Services (ORS) and UVic Systems have teamed up to develop a UVic Research Administration System, to provide an on-line system for managing information, processes and workflows associated with research ethics approvals tailored for the UVic research community. The goal is to have an easy to use, web-accessible submission, tracking and approval system that streamlines research administration and communication.

The system design uses the Agile Development model, an iterative process of software development to support the specific requirements of a variety of users.

The first phase of the project included building the foundation and collecting information for research ethics. Currently we are in a development stage based on requirements identified within research ethics that are now being filled in by users of the ethics module, specifically researchers, department heads, Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) member reviewers, HREB chair, Human research ethics office staff, etc. Once this phase is finished, we will start usability testing to ensure that it fits the needs of different UVic users (chairs, deans, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, administrators of research projects, graduate secretaries etc.).