Forms and guidelines

Up-to-date forms and guidelines used by all units within the Office of Research Services are listed below.

External grants and contracts

Internal research grants

Animal and human ethics

Research and teaching with animals

To conduct reserch involving animals, forms and guidelines may be access directly through the Research and teaching with animals website.

Human research ethics board (HREB)

If this is your first time conducting research involving humans, we strongly suggest you read through the human research ethics page before completing any of the forms below, as the information on this page will help you assess whether or not you need to apply to the HREB and, if you are required to apply, how to do this and what policies govern research with humans. 

If you have any questions about your application, please contact If you are recruiting from or conducting research within the auspices of the Vancouver Island Health Authority, please use the Joint UVic-VIHA forms found below.


Post-Approval Forms

Other Forms

Templates and Samples

Post-doctoral fellows