Standard terms agreements

Standard terms have been established by the Office of Research Services for these awards and fellowships. If you have any questions about the terms associated with MITACS, NSERC Engage and Engage Plus, or non-binding term sheets, please contact us as

NSERC Engage and Engage Plus

The Engage program of the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) offers funding to support the development of new research partnerships between academic researchers and Canadian companies.

The initial stage of Engage provides $25k with no requirement of a cash contribution from the industry sponsor.  Following a successful Engage, the participants may apply for further funding under the ‘Engage Plus’ stream where NSERC matches up to $12,500 of the company cash contribution or may continue the research project under other MITACS and NSERC funding opportunities.

Application Instructions

  1. Contact an Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) to discuss the intellectual property (“IP”) which is expected to arise from the project. Under the NSERC Engage terms, the arising IP will be owned by the company, and your use of such IP will be limited. In special cases, the ILO may recommend that you print and complete the Acknowledgment and Agreement to Accept Standard Terms, and obtain signatures from any other UVic researchers who are expected to work on the project (e.g., students) and your company sponsor.
  2. Submit a UVic Research Application Summary Form, any required NSERC forms, and, if required, the Acknowledgment and Agreement to Accept Standard Terms to the Office of Research Services located in Michael Williams Building, room B202.


Mitacs Accelerate internships and Mitacs Elevate fellowships allow UVic graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to intern with local businesses and conduct research that has industrial relevance.

Mitacs program information, including details of available funding and intern/sponsor eligibility criteria is available at:

IP and other Terms and Conditions

At UVic, intellectual property arising from a Mitacs Accelerate or Elevate project may be:

(a) owned by the sponsor in accordance with the ‘Sponsor-Owned Terms’ set out in Appendix ‘A’ of the UVic Mitacs Program Terms, or

(b) creator-owned in accordance with the ‘Creator-Owned Terms’ set out in Appendix ‘B’ of the UVic Mitacs Program Terms, or

(c) owned in accordance with a pre-negotiated agreement between the sponsor and UVic for a special sponsor program having general application to university student/postdoctoral research internships and fellowships.

At application stage the intern, academic supervisor, and sponsor should confirm through the Acknowledgment and Agreement which terms and conditions will apply to the proposed project. In the absence of such confirmation, the ‘Sponsor-Owned Terms’ shall apply. The completed Acknowledgment and Agreement should be submitted to Office of Research Services (located in Michael Williams Building, room B202)with the Mitacs application.

Note: IP created in the first year of a Strategic Fellowship Program will not be considered arising IP belonging to the second year industry sponsor, unless such an arrangement is desired and confirmed by written agreement between the creator(s), UVic and the sponsor – contact if you wish to pursue such an agreement.

Option agreements

If the intellectual property generated from the project is owned by the creator (see creator-owned terms) and the industry sponsor requires an option for a license to use the Project Intellectual Property for commercial purposes, an option agreement in the form of UVic’s standard Option Agreement for Mitacs projects must be signed by the intern(s), faculty supervisor, industry sponsor, and UVic.  Contact for help in preparing this agreement for signature.

Confidentiality agreements

If the industry sponsor requires a confidentiality agreement, there is a Mitacs -specific Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that must be used. A sample agreement is provided for your information; contact for help in preparing the NDA for signature.

Term Sheets

Our term sheet template provide a format for researchers to confirm arrangements for a research project with their collaborators and partners. The information in the term sheet will also help summarize the key arrangements relating to the proposed project for staff in the Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit.

These term sheets are non-binding and not intended to form a legal agreement. The signatures of the UVic principal investigator and collaborator confirm that the parties recommend the project as set out in the term sheet and will carry out the terms if the project is approved.

Please send a copy of the term sheet to once it has been completed and signed.