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SSHRC Impact Awards

Deadline: April 1, 2019

Additional information

SSHRC Impact Awards build on and sustain Canada's research-based knowledge culture in all research areas of the social sciences and humanities. 

Award funds are used for activities that promote and extend the work being honoured. In recognition of the role that postsecondary institutions play as researchers' knowledge mobilization partners, at least 10 percent of each award must be used to promote the recipient's research achievements. 

A multi-disciplinary jury of distinguished individuals from academia, private, not-for-profit and public sectors, from Canada and abroad, will select award recipients according to the criteria of each of the five awards. 

Prior to announcing the award winners, SSHRC will disclose the names of the finalists for all awards but the Gold Medal. 

The University of Victoria can put forward nominations for these awards:

  • Gold Medal ($100,000)
  • Talent Awawrd ($50,000)
  • Insight Award ($50,000)
  • Connection Award ($50,000)
  • Partnership Award ($50,000)

Past UVic recipients include Aaron Mills for the Talent Award.