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Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellows

Deadline: October 26, 2019

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Any current regular member of SIAM who has been a regular member of SIAM for at least five years (not necessarily consecutive) is eligible to be nominated to be a SIAM Fellow. For these purposes, a regular member is defined as a non-student, dues-paying member. A nominee is expected to have been a member of the profession for at least fifteen years. In most cases, this will be interpreted to mean fifteen years from PhD.


SIAM designates as Fellows of the Society certain members who have made outstanding contributions to fields served by SIAM.

Research excellence is one criterion for selection but it is not meant to be the only one. The Fellows program is also intended to recognize excellence in industrial work (that might or might not involve traditional research), excellence in educational activities that reach a broad audience, or other forms of excellence directly related to the goals of SIAM.

UVic recipients include:

Dr. Pauline van den Driessche, 2013