Charlotte Lafleur

Charlotte Lafleur
Master's student
Mechanical engineering

B.Eng. (Laval University)


After completing a degree in Water Engineering at Laval University in Quebec, Charlotte crossed Canada to join IESVic and follow her passion of ocean engineering. She started a Master’s degree in the Fall of 2017 with Professor Curran Crawford, studying the feasibility of integrating marine renewable energy in remote communities of Northern BC and Nunavut. Both regions have the potential resources to harvest the energy of wave and tides and off-set the use of diesel generators. The research focuses on their integration to the present diesel-generated energy system and their discounted economic value including installation, O&M and fuel. Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources software (HOMER) is used for technical analysis of temporal generation-load matching in several case studies.

As of now, diesel-electric generator is the main source of energy in north-western and north-central BC, as well as in Nunavut. The development of new ocean-based energy alternative is an opportunity to offer a more sustainable alternative to support the economic growth and development of remote communities. It is also a key component in the fight against climate change as it will reduce the use of diesel, which is generating an enormous amount of emission of GHG in its use and in its transportation.