Derek Fraser

Derek Fraser
Associate Fellow
Centre for Global Studies
As a Associate Fellow at CFGS, Mr. Fraser has carried out a project in Ukraine and organized a Conference on Fragile, Dangerous and Failed States. He is a frequent contributor to newspapers, TV, and academic and foreign policy conferences. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, and the President of the Victoria branch of the CIIA.

Mr. Fraser has worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He is Former Ambassador to Kyiv, Athens, and Budapest, and has also served in Saigon, Bonn, Moscow, and Brussels. He is former acting Director-General at Cultural Affairs and Higher Education, and Director at USSR and Eastern Europe Division, and Second West European Division. He has also worked as an Analyst at Federal-Provincial Relations Office of Privy Council Office.

Mr. Fraser holds LLB (UBC), Certificat d'études françaises, (Montpellier), and BA (UBC), and speaks English, French, German, and Russian.