Erynne Gilpin

Erynne Gilpin
Former Graduate Student Fellow

Erynne M. Gilpin is a Michif (Saulteaux-Cree Métis) PhD candidate with the Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Victoria and a Graduate Student Fellow at the Centre for Global Studies. With an Bachelors of Arts in Social Justice and Peace Studies (Western University), her work on Indigenous responses to Climate Change. In 2012-2013 she was awarded the Rotary International Peace Ambassadorial Award and studied land-based education and human rights in El Salvador. She has lived in the Cuscatlan territories (El Salvador, Nicaragua) and Brazil and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French and is a learner of the Nehiyawewin language. 

Her Master's project (SSHRC funded) was with the Tsartlip Garden Project in Indigenous efforts of food sovereignty and land-based education pedagogies. Today, her Doctoral work (SSHRC funded) focuses on Indigenous wellness, leadership and body-governance; specifically birth-work. She aspires to continue her relationships with community relations in the South through comparative North-South conversations and collaborations. Erynne also works with youth mural projects, visual arts and dance, music and as an Indigenous Doula. She aspires to contribute to ongoing dialogues between political spheres of Indigenous Governance, and research in Community-led health leadership. For Erynne, research is not divorced from community, family and identity and therefore must be led by Indigenous research methodologies and appropriate community protocol. The advancement in these knowledges and awareness will demonstrate how women-centred leadership has the capacity not only to infuse cultural and spiritual realms with political meaning, but also to connect political governance models with gendered healing and wellness traditions.