Past publications

Meeting of the CSRS religion and securitization group.
Meeting of the CSRS religion and securitization group.

The CSRS publishes an array of works annually. See below for a selection of our past offerings.


For past issues dating from 2003, visit our archive of CSRS Newsletters on UVicSpace, UVic's open-access publication repository.

Annual Report

For past issues dating from 2001, visit our archive of CSRS Annual Reports on UVicSpace, UVic's open-access publication repository.

CSRS Book Projects

Past CSRS research publications include:

Designer Animals: Mapping the Issues in Animal Biotechnology
Editors: Conrad Brunk and Sarah Hartley (Simon Fraser University)
Funding: Advanced Foods and Materials Network
Status: Book published by University of Toronto Press, 2012

Religious Understandings of a “Good Death” in Hospice Palliative Care
Editors: Harold Coward and Kelli Stajduhar
Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Status: Book published by SUNY Press, 2012

Faith and Citizenship
Editor: Paul Bramadat
Funding: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Branch.
Status: A collection of original reports (word count: 70,000) on definitions of and debates about citizenship in four major Canadian traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism), featuring four scholars; edited and introduced by Paul Bramadat.
Status: Final report submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2011

Fellow Publications

Past publications from our fellows include:

  • Batten, Alan. 2011. Our Enigmatic Universe: One Astronomer's Reflections on the Human Condition. Cambridgeshire, UK: Melrose Books. (Associate Fellow)

  • Brunk, Conrad G. and Sarah Hartley eds. 2012 Designer Animals: Mapping the Issues in Animal Biotechnology. University of Toronto Press, 2012. (Conrad Brunk, Former Director)

  • Douglas, Christopher. 2011. "Christian Multiculturalism and Unlearned History in Marilynne Robinson's Gilead." Novel 44: 3 (Fall): 333-353. (Faculty Fellow)

  • Jones, Tamsin. 2011. A Genealogy of Marion’s Philosophy of Religion: Apparent Darkness. Indiana University Press. (Religious Studies Teaching Fellow)

  • MacDonald, Bob. 2013. Seeing the Psalter: Patterns of Recurrence in the Poetry of the Psalms. Florida: Energion Publications. (Community Sabbatical Fellow)

  • McDonough, G. P. 2013. "An Argument for Dissent in Catholic Education". The Ecumenist: A Journal of Theology, Culture, and Society 50 (3): 1-5. (Associate Fellow)

  • McDonough, Graham P., Nadeem A. Memon and Avi I. Mintz. 2013. Discipline, Devotion and Dissent: Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic Schooling in Canada. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press. (Associate Fellow)

  • McDonough, G.P. 2011. "What is Assumed About a Catholic Student’s Ecclesial Agency, and Why it Matters to Catholic Schooling". Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice 14(3): 272-91. (Associate Fellow)

  • Mitchell, Lisa M. and Marjorie R. Mitchell. 2011. "Enchanted Worlds: Visayan Children’s Perspectives on Living Among Engkanto". Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 12(2):113-128. (Faculty Fellow)

  • Palmer, Eric. 2011. “The Wisdom in Wood Rot: God in Eighteenth Century Scientific Explanation,” in William H. Krieger, ed. Science at the Frontiers: Perspectives on the History and Philosophy of Science. Lexington Books. 17-34. (Visiting Research Fellow)

  • Paper, Jordan. 2012. The Theology of the Chinese Jews, 1000-1850. Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press. (Associate Fellow)

  • Paper, Jordan. 2011. "The Native American Earth Mother: From the Inca to the Inuit". In ed., Patricia Monaghan, Goddesses in World Culture 3: 27-42. Westport, Conn.: Praeger. (Associate Fellow)

  • Thiessen, Elmer John. 2011. The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion. Downer's Grove, Il: InterVarsity Press.

  • Tsurkan, Anna A. 2011. "Evolutsia Islamskogo Radikalisma (The Evolution of Islamic Radicalism)", Voprosi Istorii (The Questions of History) 11: 162-7. (Visiting Research Fellow)

  • Walker, Madeline. 2011. The Trouble with Sauling Around: Conversion in Ethnic American Autobiography 1965-2002. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press. (VFT Graduate Student Fellow)