2016 Greater Victoria unsheltered and sheltered point-in-time count substance use survey

Funding body: Provost’s Community Engaged Scholar Award, $2000.

Background: Accurate estimates of prevalence of substance use, and harms of substance use are limited as many studies identify substance use as a criterion for participation, thus likely inflating the true prevalence estimates. In February, 2016, a federal Point-in-Time Homelessness Count occurred across the county, and in Victoria, BC, a substance use survey was piloted during the Point-in-Time Count. The brief substance use survey was optional and participants received an additional honorarium for participation. The goal of this survey was to estimate prevalence of substance use among those experiencing homelessness, with the criterion of participation being homelessness, not substance use in order to obtain more accurate prevalence estimates.

Progress to date: Data collection completed, data have been cleaned and a descriptive analysis generated. These findings have been shared with key community partners and a publication drafted.