An evaluation of the public health and safety impacts of the 2014 BC Liquor Law reforms

Funding body: The Office of the BC Provincial Health Officer

Background: A major review of BC liquor laws was produced by the Liberal government in early 2014 with some 73 recommendations designed to "modernise" the distribution and sale of alcohol. CISUR was commissioned to evaluate the impacts of these policy changes on alcohol consumption and related harm in British Columbia. In addition, we were commissioned to model the impacts of the potential introduction of a new minimum price per standard drink is a harm reduction measure.

Progress to date: An analysis of the implementation of the 73 recommendations was completed in relation to their potential to increase or reduce health and safety problems related to alcohol. Estimates of alcohols impacts on hospitalisation and death in British Columbia were provided for the year 2016 using data provided by the BC Ministry of Health and Vital Statistics. Reductions in these impacts were then estimated under two alternative policy scenarios involving the introduction of minimum prices set at a rate per standard drink of alcohol. Completed. Journal article under preparation and report awaiting release from BC Provincial Health Officer.