Boys' and men's health (Advancing research to improve boys' and men's health)

Background: This project will focus on sexual and mental health of gay and bisexual men in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. It will consist of a prospective cohort study with participants completing computer-assisted interviews every six months for up to three years.

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support teams of experts composed of health researchers and knowledge users to conduct research to address health challenges affecting boys and men.

Although men fare better than women on many economic indicators such as earnings and employment progression, studies have shown that men face poorer outcomes in health and well-being across a range of key indicators. Men are known to have a shorter average life expectancy than women and experience higher mortality rates across many leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and unintentional injuries. The evidence on men’s health issues reinforces the urgent need for increased attention to boys’ and men’s health on all fronts.

There is growing understanding that boys’ and men’s health issues need closer attention. Although research on health challenges affecting boys and men has seen some upward trend in recent years, there are still existing barriers and gaps, particularly as regards research capacity for programs, interventions and policy decision-making.

It is expected that this initiative will support expert teams (multi-disciplinary teams, trans-disciplinary teams, cross-disciplinary teams and community-partnered teams that involve knowledge users) with a commitment to excellence and the pursuit of a solutions-focused collaborative approach to improving boys’ and men’s health. Proposals that represent active and meaningful partnerships between research teams based in institutions (including universities, colleges, hospitals and affiliated research institutions) and knowledge user organizations are options to consider.

Funding body: CIHR Team Grant

Progress to date: Dr. Roth is working with Drs. David Moore and Trevor Hart to develop the Substance Use Section of the questionnaire for this new team grant.