Alcohol and energy drink use: Personality, drinking patterns and risk behaviours

Research has shown that individuals who mix alcohol and energy drinks tend to drink more heavily and are at increased risk of experiencing several harmful outcomes (e.g., injury, drinking and driving, sexual assault), compared to individuals who only consume alcohol. The vast majority of this research has focused on college students. The aims of the current study are to investigate the relationship between alcohol mixed with energy drink use and several associated variables (e.g., heavy drinking, alcohol use disorders, risk behaviours, personality) in a representative Canadian sample and a young adult community sample. The current study will also investigate the use of alcohol mixed with energy drinks in UVic students, with a particular focus on their motivations for use.

Funding body: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Progress to date: Data collection has been completed for this project. Currently, the data is being analyzed and summarized as part of a dissertation. Two journal articles have also been published.