Prescribed safer supply in BC evaluation

Funding body

BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions


This evaluation project will build on and expand the existing mixed methods evaluation to investigate the extent to which the Risk Mitigation/Prescribed Safer Supply (PSS) policy is meeting its stated goals to decrease illicit drug use and harms within BC communities, and to provide equitable access to PSS programs and related services across BC, including in rural and remote communities, in a culturally safe manner. Specific objectives are to:

  1. Determine the impacts of PSS policy implementation on non-fatal/fatal overdose and allcause mortality (primary outcomes), substance use, mental health, referrals, access and use of health and social services, and health-related quality of life (secondary outcomes).
  2. Identify barriers and facilitators to PSS policy implementation and service delivery from the perspectives of persons with lived/living expertise (PWLLE), prescribers, service providers (including health authorities), Indigenous organizations and communities, and policymakers.
  3. Explore potential unintended consequences (e.g. availability/diversion) of PSS implementation, including both harms and benefits to PWLLE and wider communities.

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