Seniors’ speakers series looks at sex and substance use

What is the difference between sex trafficking and prostitution? Are our impaired-driving laws and workplace drug policies based in scientific evidence? How can art help communities heal from the overdose crisis?

The UVic Retirees Association kicks off their 2020 Elder Academy Series with “Sex, Drugs & Alcohol Use and Overuse,” featuring researchers from the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research. These researchers will put a personal face on the people marginalized by sex, drugs and alcohol, and argue that responsive government policies and laws are an essential part of providing effective services and support to individuals and their families.

The first of the three-part speaker series, “Sex Trafficking vs. Prostitution: The Need for Evidence-Based Laws and Policies,” features Dr. Cecilia Benoit, CISUR Scientist and Professor Emeritus in UVic’s Department of Sociology. Dr. Benoit will unpack the common conflation of the terms “sex trafficking” and “prostitution/sex work” and provide an overview of the current Canadian laws that govern these activities, and report on the negative impact of punitive prostitution laws on sex workers and what they want regarding their working conditions and social rights.

Sex, Drugs & Alcohol Use and Overuse
(Elder Academy speaker series)
10am-12pm Saturday January 11,18,25, 2020 (three sessions)

  • Jan 11: Sex Trafficking vs. Prostitution: The Need for Evidence-Based Laws and Policies
    • Presenter: Dr. Cecilia Benoit
  • Jan 18: Cannabis, Alcohol and Other Drugs: Science Behind Laws for Impaired Driving & the Workplace
    • Presenter: Dr. Scott MacDonald
  • Jan 25: heART Space: Compassion Building Around Overdose
    • Presenter: Dr. Marion Selfridge

$15 for three sessions, tickets available at Eventbrite.