CARBC in the news: "Drug educators told to stop preaching"

CARBC's Dan Reist was recently interviewed in a 24 Hours Vancouver story on drug education in BC classrooms.

From the article: “(Traditional) drug education and virtually all health education is not education ... it’s trying to sell somebody on a particular issue or behaviour where you’ve already determined what you want them to do,” said Reist, an assistant director at the Centre for Addictions Research of B.C. 

“(For example) every civilization they cover, psychoactive substances are part of their religions, their economy, but every socials studies class doesn’t cover that ... if we bring that perspective to it, suddenly this stuff doesn’t become a drug class where everybody makes jokes of it.

“It becomes part of understanding the human condition and civilization’s history.”

CARBC's Cindy Andrew was also on CTV's Family Matters segment on talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol.

Some helpful links on talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol: