Dr. Mahboubeh Asgari

Dr. Mahboubeh Asgari
Research Associate
Vancouver office

Mahboubeh joined CISUR in 2015 through her Mitacs post-doctoral research award with UBC. She is interested in using philosophical inquiry and dialogue in different educational contexts and in developing teaching/learning resources. Since 2015, Mahboubeh has focused on using dialogical inquiry as both the content and means of professional development for K-12 teachers in order to help facilitate a non-stereotyped, open, and thoughtful discussion on drug use related topics. She is also involved in a number of other ongoing projects within the Institute.

Mahboubeh's research background as well as her 20 years of teaching experience have helped her make meaningful connections between philosophical theories of dialogue and inquiry-based teaching methods. She is passionate about bringing philosophical inquiry and dialogue to schools, communities, and other settings to address substance use.

Mahboubeh is also the founder of The School of Inquiry (www.schoolofinquiry.com) promoting health and well-being and offering inquiry-based classes to children and adults. She is passionate about empowering children, youth and adults to think critically, creatively and caringly. In her free time, she does painting using acrylic, and chalk pastel! 

Selected publications: