Centre publications

Title Author Year
Crisis on tap: Seeking solutions for safe water for Indigenous peoples Reading, J., Perron, D., Marsden, N., Edgar, R., Saravana-Bawan, B., Baba, L. 2012
CAHR annotated bibliography: Water and Aboriginal peoples' health Reading, J., Perron, D. 2012
Healthy aging through fall prevention among older Aboriginal people: From many voices to a shared vision Reading, J., Scott, V., Perron, D., Marsden, N., Edgar, R., Saravana-Bawan, B., Baba, L., Elliot, S., Yassin, Y. 2011
Global Indigenous health - An opportunity for Canadian leadership Reading, J., Perron, D., Marsden, N. 2010
The crisis of chronic disease among Aboriginal peoples: A challenge for public health, population health and social policy Reading, J. 2009
Global Indigenous health research symposium report papers and presentations: Directions and themes in international Indigenous health research 2008 Reading, J., Marsden, N., Kurbanova, D., Link, R.


Linking GIHR and EMR: Environmental Scan & Tool Inventory Reading, J.
Linking GIHR and EMR Readine, J. 2011

Partner publications with AHRNetS

Title Author Year
National colloquium on racism, cultural safety and Aboriginal peoples' health Cusack, E., Darnay, A., Marsden, N., Reading, C. 2012
Transformative networks: How ACADRE/NEAHR support for graduate students has impacted Aboriginal health research in Canada Castleden, H., Dean, L., Marsden, N., Martin, D., Richmond, C. 2013


Crisis on Tap trailer - Indigenous Water Ways research project