CARBC Scientists

Dr. Cecilia Benoit


Cecilia Benoit is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Scientist at the Centre for Addictions Research of BC. Apart from research focused on the occupation of midwifery and the organization of maternity care in Canada and internationally, she is involved in a variety of projects that employ mixed methodologies to investigate the health of different vulnerable groups, including Aboriginal women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, young people confronting health stigmas linked to obesity and asthma, street-involved youth in transition to adulthood, workers in lower-prestige service occupations, adults in the sex industry, and pregnant and early parenting women dealing with addiction and other challenges.

Dr. Mikael Jansson


Dr. Mikael Jansson is a Scientist at the Centre for Addictions Research of BC and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Sociology. His current research uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand marginalized populations and low-prestige occupations. His current research focus is on intimate partnerships. He has recently completed a longitudinal study of street-involved youth to see how their lives, and in particular their health status, change as a result of their street involvement.

Dr. Marjorie MacDonald


Marjorie MacDonald is a Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria, a Scientist in the Centre for Addictions Research and she teaches in the School of Public Health and Social Policy. She is co-director of the Research in Public Health Systems and Services Initiative (BC) (formerly CPHFRI), which is leading an initiative to develop a Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR) agenda for Canada. Research interests include public health systems renewal, health equity, public health and primary care collaboration, adolescent health promotion and substance use prevention, and public health ethics.

Dr. Scott Macdonald

Assistant Director, Research

Scott Macdonald is a Professor in our School of Health Information Science, University of Victoria. He previously worked as a Scientist for 25 years at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, formerly the Addiction Research Foundation in Ontario. His educational background includes a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the University of Western Ontario, a MA in Criminology from the University of Toronto, and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Dr. Macdonald has focused his career on research issues in the substance use and abuse field, with empirical studies in a variety of areas, such as the role of substance use in injuries, program evaluation, and alcohol policy.

Dr. Bernie Pauly

Dr. Bernie Pauly is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, a Scientist with the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, a member of the Renewal of Public Health Services Research Team, and a priority lead for the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. The primary focus of her research is reducing health inequities associated with substance use, poverty, and homelessness.
Dan Reist

Assistant Director, Knowledge Exchange
Dan Reist leads a team, based in Vancouver, that focuses on communicating current evidence in a way that supports the evolution of effective policy and practice. With a background in continental philosophy and hermeneutics, Dan is quick to acknowledge that evidence is far more than statistics about patterns of use and harm and includes attention to the ways we experience and talk about drugs and drug use in our cultures and communities.
Dr. Tim Stockwell

Tim was appointed Director of the Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) and a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Victoria in 2004. He has published over 350 research papers, book chapters and monographs, plus several books on prevention and treatment issues.
Dr. Karen Urbanoski

Scientist, Canada Research Chair in Substance Use, Addictions and Health Services Research
Karen is the Canada Research Chair in Substance Use, Addictions and Health Services Research, and has been a Scientist with the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia (CARBC) and an Assistant Professor in Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria since July 2015. Her research focuses on the development and course of substance use problems and addiction, and the roles played by health and social service systems in recovery.
Dr. Jinhui Zhao

Scientist and Senior Data Analyst

Jinhui Zhao received his medical degree from Harbin Medical University in China, a MSc in epidemiology and addiction studies from the University of Toronto, and a PhD in community health and epidemiology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Zhao currently works as a scientist and a senior data analyst at the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, University of Victoria.

In the past 15 years, he has worked in the area of substance use epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, injury epidemiology, and assessment of impacts of alcohol-related policies and programs.