Former visiting scholars

Dr. Leslie Butt 
Dr Leslie Butt

With CAPI: September, 2012 - 2017

Accreditations: PhD Anthropology at McGill University

Dr Leslie Butt's research focuses on cultural experiences and practices in the arenas of reproduction and sexuality, with a particular focus on infants, childrearing and the meaning of children.

Her PhD research and subsequent studies explored how highland Papuan families in Papua, Indonesia negotiate love, sex, marriage and reproduction, and how these goals are achieved within the context of wider state institutions. She has conducted team-based research on sex work, on intergenerational conflicts, on unplanned pregnancy, and on the experiences of being HIV-positive. Her recent interests lie in exploring how families in Southeast Asia constitute kinship and meaning as they mediate new technologies, in particular assisted reproductive technologies. Dr Butt is currently carrying out an initial pilot research project on Stateless Children, Parents and Illegal Migration: An Indonesian Pilot study as well as a project on Asian Women, Migration and Family in the Global Era. These projects will both form part of CAPI's new Migration and Mobility program.