Stateless children, parents & undocumented migration: An Indonesian pilot study

Stateless children photo

Leslie Butt (CAPI and Department of Anthropology) and Jessica Ball (Child and Youth Care) have received a two-year Insight Development Grant from SSHRC to carry out research in Southeast Asia on undocumented migrant families.  The project, entitled Stateless Children, Parents and Undocumented Migration: An Indonesian Pilot Study, will form part of CAPI’s Migration and Mobility program. CAPI will help with the logistics of coordinating research activities in Indonesia and Malaysia among the Bugis migrant community who regularly travel between the two countries. 

The research team, including geographer Harriot Beazley (USC, Australia), will explore how migrant parents who travel illegally understand the idea of citizenship for their children. The team will travel to Indonesia to interview Indonesian migrant parents who regularly work in Malaysia, often in disempowering and dangerous conditions. The team will investigate what options parents consider when they are faced with the expectation that they will register their children and conform to state expectations around citizenship and belonging, and what experiences of statelessness mean to them. This study will be carried out in 2014-2015, and is expected to lead to a full Insight grant application on the topic of parenting, migration, and citizenship in Southeast Asia. 

The pilot project has received funding of $62,000 from SSHRC. CAPI and the University will also contribute funds to the project.


Research Reports

Title Author Date

Transnational Migrant Families, Child Statelessness, and Decisions about Birth Registration (Four-page Summary)

Leslie Butt, PhD, Jessica Ball, PhD & Harriet Beazley, PhD June 10, 2015
Pengambilan keputusan keluarga dalam pencatatan kelahiran di kalangan pekerja migran transnasional di Indonesia: Implikasi bagi kibijakan dan praktik pelaksanaannya (Indonesian Translation) Leslie Butt, PhD, Jessica Ball, PhD & Harriet Beazley, PhD June 10, 2015

Family Decision Making about Birth Registration among Transnational Migrants in Indonesia (One-page summary)

Leslie Butt, PhD, Jessica Ball, PhD & Harriet Beazley, PhD

June 10, 2015

Children and Families on the Move: Stateless Children in Indonesia

Preliminary Field Research Report, Lombok and Jakarta, May 2014

Jessica Ball, PhD, Leslie Butt, PhD & Harriet Beazley, PhD

Aug. 26, 2014

Working Papers

Title Author Date
Advancing Research on 'Stateless Children': Family Decision Making and Birth Registration among Transnational Migrants in the Asia-Pacific Region Jessica Ball, PhD, Leslie Butt, PhD, Harriet Beazley, PhD & Natasha Fox, MA Dec. 9, 2014
Migration, Mobility and Transnational Families: New Priorities in the Asia-Pacific Leslie Butt, PhD April 8, 2014