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About Mary Yoko Brannen

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Intiatives' Jarislowsky East Asia (Japan) Chair is Mary Yoko Brannen, PhD. A well-known international scholar in multinational affairs, Mary Yoko Brannen received her MBA with emphasis in International Business and PhD in Organizational Behavior with a minor in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Having taught at various Universities in the United States, Japan, China and France, Professor Brannen's consulting specialty is helping multinational firms realize their global strategic initiatives by aligning, integrating and deploying critical organizational resources.  Born and raised in Japan, having studied in France and Spain, and having worked as a cross-cultural consultant for over 20 years to various Fortune 500 companies, she brings a multi-faceted, deep knowledge of today's complex cultural business environment. As Jarislowsky East Asia (Japan) Chair, Brannen has plenty of opportunities to apply her culturally specific skills to develop a Pacific Asia program that connects the university community - across campus, cultures and countries.

Dr. Brannen is very active in the international business comunity, and is the deputy editor of the Journal of International Business as well as being on the executive committee of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management. She is also one of three guest editors for the Journal of International Business Special Issue, "The Multifaceted Role of Language in International Business: Unpacking the Forms, Functions and Features of a Critical Challenge to MNC Theory and Performance".

Dr. Brannen has been featured many times in the media. You can see her interviews here on how to tap the potential of bi-cultural employees, and how to invigorate your company with an outsider's view, both in the Globe and Mail. She has also featured on the BBC radio show, Business Daily. (The interview with Mary Yoko starts at the 7:42 minute mark).

This chair position is shared with the Gustavson School of Business, where Dr Brannen serves as the Director of Research. The position came into existence as a result of a $1-million gift from Canadian financier, businessman and philanthropist Stephen Jarislowsky.

Please click here for the 2012/2014 Chair report.

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Recent Events

Recent Events

Learning from Japan

Presentation by Eleanor Westney, a sociologist, Japan scholar and management theorist at York University and MIT to be followed by a panel discussion. Panellists to be announced. The panel will discuss the question "Can we learn from Japan today?".

Date: October 29, 2015, 4:30 – 6 pm
Location: University Club

Interviews with Dr. Brannen

Recent Interviews:
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