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InternThe world is facing unprecedented levels of mobility and migration, and this increasing flow of workers from rural to urban areas and across country borders has deep and profound impacts on development. Once treated as separate issues, the intersections between migration and development are being increasingly recognized on the global stage.  

CAPI is excited to announce the launch of a new dedicated migration and mobility program, which will bring together experts in the field from all over the world to share expertise and knowledge of migration and mobility issues related to Asia. We are pleased to announce the first two research projects in the program, which have received funding from the Social Sciences, Humanities and Research Council of Canada (SSHRC):

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Women, migration and family

Our project, "Asian women, migration and family in the global era," has recently been awarded a $357,000 SSHRC grant.

Stateless children in Indonesia

Our project, "Stateless children, parents and undocumented migration: An Indonesian pilot study," has also received a SSHRC grant for $62,000. CAPI and the University of Victoria are also contributing. 

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