Current opportunities

CAPI intern Will Howling with Indian host familey
CAPI intern Will Howling (UVic Gustavson School of Business) with host family in Namunda, India

Internships & Scholarships

Below is a snapshot of the internship and scholarship opportunities that CAPI offers throughout the year. Each program has different eligibility criteria and application deadlines. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact Robyn Fila

Crossing Borders Internships

Where: India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
What: Internship placements with civil society partners across the Asia-Pacific region
Application Deadline: early 2019 (to be announced)

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Japan Internships

Where: Japan
What: Internship placements with CITYNET Yokohama
Application Deadline: early 2019 (to be announced)

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Crossing Borders Incoming Scholarship

Where: University of Victoria
What: Funding for incoming graduate level students from Commonwealth countries (other than Canada) completing a graduate degree at UVIC with research that includes a community development focus. Preference will be given to applicants from, or with a research focus in, the Asia-Pacific.
Application Deadline: spring 2019 (to be announced)

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Crossing Borders Outgoing Scholarship

Where: Commonwealth countries other than Canada
What: $6,000 CAD scholarship towards research or field-work in Commonwealth countries.
Application Deadline: Ongoing/ timelines flexible

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Student Essay Contest

What:  $500 prize for the best paper written on the Asia-Pacific region each year.
Application Deadline: 1 May by 4pm

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Anand Student Scholarship

What: Financial support for tuition for registered Thai students in good standing
Application Deadline: May 2018

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Anand Faculty Scholarship

What: Financial support for faculty members researching Thailand
Application Deadline: May 2018

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Student Fellowship Award

What: Up to $2,500 in financial support to encourage research or language study in the Asia-Pacific
Application Deadline: March 2018

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Faculty Research Grant

What: Up to $5,000 in financial support for UVic Faculty research in the Asia-Pacific
Application Deadline: March 2018

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