Lunch and Learn Series

Helen Lansdowne and author Grant Menzies at a CAPI lunch and learn

Come to a free talk through CAPI's Lunch and Learn Series (formerly our "Brown Bag Lectures") and learn more about current issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Lunch and Learn talks usually take place from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. throughout the academic year and are open to the public. Join us and expand your knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region!

Recent Lunch and Learn events

Title Speaker Location Date
Forest & Wildfire Management in Nepal Ivan Somlai Human & Social Development A270 14 March 2017
Offshore Extractions and the Everyday Life of a Refugee Economy in the Republic of Nauru Julia Morris Human & Social Development A270 7 February 2017
Ainu Language Policies Past and Present Dr. Uwe Makino Hickman 120 22 November 2016
Many Nations of the Ruassian Federation Tatiana Degai Clearihue A308 24 March 2016
Dancing the Feminine: Gender and Identity Performances by Indonesian Migrant Women Dr. Monika Swasti Winarnita Hickman 102 21 January 2016
China, Global Governance and the G20 Presidency Dr. Yong Wang Maclaurin D114 1 December 2015
Making a 'career' of people-smuggling in Indonesia Dr. Antje Missbach Fraser 152 8 June 2015
Kiri's Piano: one woman's sacrifice during WWII internment of Japanese-Canadians (film presentation with filmmaker) France Benoit Hickman 116 2 February 2015
Anatomy of an Election Observation Mission: Mongolia, 2013 Ivan G. Somlai Hickman 110 19 November 2014
Language and transposition in film representations of the dis/located Chinese migrant Dr. Hilary Chung Hickman 110 29 October 2014
Considering the Concept of Indigenity for Land and Natural Resource Management in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos Ian Baird Hickman 110 14 March 2014
Surfing and Cycling for Peace in West Papua Jeremy Bally, Geoff Clark and Todd Biederman Hickman 116 14 February 2014
Spiriting Away the Homeless: Cambodia's Urban Apocalpyse Simon Springer David Strong C130 3 February 2013
New Boss Same as the Old Boss? China's New Generation of Leaders Settles In Patrick Brown Hickman 116 20 November 2013
Working in Military Environments Ivan G. Somlai Hickman 110 22 January 2013

For more information about past Lunch and Learns, please contact us. CAPI has been hosting Lunch and Learns since 2009.