Isabel Lloyd

Isabel Lloyd
CAPI Research Associate

since 1999

Isabel Lloyd is a highly experienced former Deputy Minister in British Columbia and is currently working with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) on governance, legal reform and CEDAW implementation programmes in seven countries in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh. From 1996-2002, she was Director of a CIDA Regional Governance Fund in Southeast Asia, with a diverse portfolio of expertise in implementing capacity development initiatives and government programs, many of which have focused on legal reform, human rights, gender and good governance.

In 1988-90 she took leave from the BC Government to manage the implementation of the Canada-Thai Women's Economic and Leadership Development Program. In 1992 she moved back to Southeast Asia where she has since managed two major assignments and undertaken a number of short-term governance projects for CIDA. Between 1992-94 she served as the Senior Social Development Advisor to CIDA for Thailand. Her responsibilities included serving as the Gender, Human Rights, Social Policy and Technical Advisor for all CIDA programs in Thailand. In 1992 at the time of the May disturbances in Thailand she wrote the first report of its kind for CIDA on the impact of CIDA programs on the human rights and governance situation in Thailand. From 1994-96 (working as an independent consultant) in addition to the work in Thailand she worked directly with CIDA and with Canadian Executing Agencies on a number of activities: evaluation of gender dimensions of a multi year Canada-Cambodia project run by a consortium of Canadian NGOs; Social Policy/Gender Advisor to the CIDA Vietnam Program; Advisor to the Ministry for the Role of Women in Indonesia; Advisor to the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Thai Prime Minister and the staff of the National Commission on Women's Affairs, Thailand. In 1994 Isabel Lloyd was the first foreigner to be given the International Women's Day Award by the Prime Minister of Thailand for "outstanding contributions to the Development of Women in Thailand".

From April 1996 until September 2002, as Director of the CIDA Southeast Asia Fund for Institutional and Legal Development (SEAFILD) Isabel Loyd was responsible for all aspects of the field management of this C$8.9m project from initial inception and implementation to closure. 150 sub-projects covered activities on legal reform, development of human rights institutions, legal issues related to trafficking of women and children, child sexual abuse, migrant workers rights, media and journalist training.

Isabel Lloyd has demonstrated expertise in: conducting institutional reviews of government departments, community-related agencies, health departments as well as gender strategy development, stakeholder facilitation, training programs and evaluations.

Her personal strengths are demonstrated by her proven track record as a problem solver, negotiator, administrator, manager, innovator, leader and communicator. Earlier in her career, she actively worked to promote gender equality and was at the forefront of the fight to establish home based services for the disabled, elderly, and children. Isabel Lloyd entered the Public Service of British Columbia in 1973 and was a Deputy Minister from 1982 to 1992. She brings an extensive range of executive government experience and administrative skill to her work, having served in five ministries as Deputy Minister of Labour (Employment and Women's Programs), Advanced Education and Training, Tourism and Government Services. During her career in the Government of B.C., she was responsible for the introduction of new and innovative government programs, most notably the Province's Long Term Care and Home Care Programs. In 1991 she was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for her distinguished contribution to public service.