Infection and immunity

Terry Pearson loading blood samples into a lab machine

Biochemist Terry Pearson and his research partners have developed a technique that can measure more than 25 different biomarkers at once—with just one drop of blood. This testing allows earlier detection and monitoring of diseases and allows monitoring of personal wellness as well. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

Cameron in her lab looking at a biological sample

Microbiologist Caroline Cameron and colleagues have received a patent for a potential vaccine candidate against syphilis. The vaccine component that has been patented is a protein aimed at preventing the bacterium from entering the bloodstream. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

The following researchers specialize in infection and immunity research:

  • Caroline Cameron: host-bacteria interactions, spirochetes, syphilis and leptospirosis
  • Brad Nelson: immune-based strategies to prevent, detect and treat cancer
  • Terry Pearson: immunochemistry of parasitic diseases, immunodiagnosis
  • Lisa Reynoldsinfectious, inflammatory, and allergic diseases 
  • Chris Upton: virology, poxvirus virulence factors, bioinformatics