Stock photo of DNA with blue tint
Genetics is the study of genes, genetic variation and heredity in living organisms.

The following researchers specialize in genetics research:

  • Juan Ausio: chromatin assembly and transcription
  • Robert Chow: retinal development and hereditary vision defects
  • Francis Choy: genetics and enzymology of lysosomal storage diseases, Gaucher disease
  • Jane Gair: cytogenetics, chromosome segregation and recombination, nondisjunction and reproductive genetics
  • Barry Glickman: molecular genetics, toxicology, environmental mutagenesis, avian ecology, biotechnology and health, nano and bioethics
  • Ben Koop: genetics and evolution, salmon genetics
  • Patrick MacLeod: genetic mechanisms of inherited diseases, genetic diagnostics
  • Xuekui Zhang: statistical genomics, bioinformatics, single-cell sequencing data analysis, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq