Cell signalling

Stephanie Willerth in a lab holding a model brain

Biomedical engineering Stephanie Willerth's work focuses on engineering neural tissue from stem cells. Her research is vital to the future of regenerative medicine and new drug therapies for conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

Leigh Anne Swayne crowded around a computer with her research team

Cell biologist Leigh Anne Swayne and her research team work to understand neuron changes related to neuro-developmental conditions such as autism. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

The following researchers specialize in cell signalling research:

  • Robert Burke: early development, fertilization
  • Hector J. Caruncho: the neurobiology of psychiatric illness; the development of biomarkers; the discovery of novel drug targets in mood and psychotic disorders; and animal models of depression
  • Robert Chow: retinal development and hereditary vision defects
  • Perry Howard: cell signalling, cancer
  • Fraser Hofat the intersection of supramolecular and medicinal chemistry
  • Brad Nelson: immune-based strategies to prevent, detect and treat cancer
  • Leigh Anne Swayne: Bioelectric control of neural stem and progenitor cell biology; Neural stem cells in brain repair; Pannexins and voltage-gated sodium and calcium channel superfamily members: structure, function and regulation by protein-protein interactions
  • Stephanie Willerth: tissue engineering,regenerative medicine,biomaterials scaffolds for controlling stem cell differentiation
  • Jeremy Wulff: medicinal chemistry and control of protein-protein interactions