Events and outreach


Seminar- Dr. Douglas Lauffenburger

Who: Dr. Douglas Lauffenburger - Professor of Biological Engineering (head), Chemical Engineering, and Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When: Friday, April 5th – 12pm

Where: Uvic, Medical Sciences Building – room MSB 150

What: Dr. Lauffenburger’s research focuses on explaining important aspects of receptor-mediated regulation of mammalian blood and tissue cell behavioral functions. His group works on the development and testing of computational models, based on principles from engineering analysis and synthesis, for receptor regulation of cell function.

Free event – no registration required

Biomaterials and Regenrerative Medicine Symposium

The Canadian Biomaterials Society BC Student's Chapter is hosting their second annual symposium.

Who: Dr. Kyle Lampe - Assistant professor Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia and Dr. Julianne Holloway - Assistant professor Chemical Engineering at Arizona State University

When: Monday, April 8th - 12:30-3:15pm

Where: Uvic, Medical Sciences Building - room MSB 150

What: The event will provide a complementary lunch followed by talks from the two speakers. Dr. Lampe's research focuses on Disease and injuries in the central nervous system and Dr. Holloway's research looks at restoring musculoskeletal tissue function through biomimetic materials.

Registration is required for this event, click here to register 

This event is hosted with support from the Centre for Biomedical Research and the Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology.


Contact the Centre for Biomedical Research if you have any questions or 250-472-4067


Other events

Our Café Scientifique series is an informal series of talks designed to engage the public in learning about recent research in science. The talks, which are given by experts in the field, provide an opportunity to stimulate discussion around some of the most exciting topics in modern science.

The CBR Trainee Group includes over a hundred undergraduate and graduate students who are doing or are interested in biomedical research. Throughout the year many events are held by this group showcasing the student biomedical research happening on campus.

Additionally, we also host and sponsor events related to the following series and initiatives: