The Committee for Upgrading the Learning Telescopes (CULT)

Climenhaga Observatory

The Committee for Upgrading the Learning Telescopes (CULT) is a group of 15 graduate and undergraduate students who want to learn more about all facets of observational astronomy from data collection and image processing to technology and engineering. The group believe the best way to do this is by hands-on experience.

The committee was founded by graduate students Steven Mairs and Sébastien Lavoie. The short term goal is to be fully capable of enhancing the public’s experience when they come to UVic for astronomy  open house nights. And when public visit the department, one can have more capability to explain astronomy. The UVic Martlet newspaper has published an arcticle on CULT in their October 22nd issue.

The "Committee for Upgrading the Learning Telescopes" is currently working on several projects. Here are some of the bigger ones:

  • Making the 32" dome completely automated.
  • Building and installing rain sensors on the 32-inch dome.
  • Fitting/aligning the new spectrograph onto the 32-inch dome.
  • Cleaning and restoring old telescopes (the 10" and 12") to an observation-ready state.
  • Stablising the helio-stat and collecting solar data.
  • Designing a guidance system for the 32 inch telescope for higher accuracy observations.
  • Astrophotography: building a calendar of images to sell on campus for funding.