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Our industrial partners are Canadian high-tech companies. While most of our industrial partners are involved in advanced astronomical instrumentation projects, some are not but still provide excellent opportunities for our students to apply their skills to related fields, often data analysis and software development. Our industrial partners currently include the following companies, and we are always interested in finding new opportunities and new partners.

Jeremy Riishede, Kim Venn, Stephanie Monty
NTCO Program Coordinator Jeremy Riishede, Director Kim Venn, and student Stephanie Monty visiting partners FLIR in August, 2018


Primary area: Optics & photonics
Company contact: Frederic Grandmont

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ComDev/ Honeywell

Primary area: Focal plane technologies
Company contact: Matt Zweig

Honeywell | The Power of Connected

Honeywell Aerospace is currently developing concepts and technology prototypes for a number of diverse potential Canadian space missions and instruments.    Examples are:

  • A spectrograph and calibration system for NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Space Telescope An ultraviolet imager for auroral studies on a joint ESA-Chinese mission called SMILE
  • A visible / infrared spectrograph for upper atmospheric research
  • Development and test of a miniature spectrometer based on a photonic waveguide chip
  • Development and test of an innovative wide field of view telescope & spectrometer for earth remote sensing
  • Development and test of a complete optical communications link, including the assessment of adaptive optics for optical communications ground terminals,  and developing protocols
  • Development of digital filtering algorithms for search and rescue VHF signals
  • integrate and test a GPS-reflectometer instrument for soil moisture measurement airborne trials

Honeywell Aerospace makes use of state of the art laboratory equipment to develop this instrumentation and the intern will be expected to participate in some aspects of the assembly, integration and test of this prototype instrumentation.


Primary area: Optics & photonics
Company contact: Patrice Topart

Dynamic Structures

Primary area: Manufacturing technologies
Company contact: Amir Hadi

Internship opportunities at Dynamic Structures

Our partners Dynamic Structures in Port Cocquitlam are currerently looking for students to work on a project involving a robotic figuring of optics through diamond turning and use of polishing pads. Students with an engineering background are preferred. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Jeremy Riishede for more information. 

Fibertech Optica

Primary area: Optics & photonics
Company contact: Rafal Pawlucyk

NuVu Cameras

Primary area: Detectors
Company contact: Olivier Daigle

Industrial Plankton

Primary area: Engineering, biology, electrical

Schneider Electric

Primary area: Energy systems

Limbic Consulting

Primary area: Engineering
Company contact: Justin Love

FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions

Primary area: Imaging systems
Company contact: Stephen Se

Current oppportunities at FLIR

FLIR Systems is looking for a 4-month Software Developer Co-op to join the engineering team.  The ideal candidate is detail oriented, able to work independently, and willing to learn. Direction will be given at a high level and the candidate will work in an independent manner.

Timeline: May to August, 2019 for 4 months

Detailed Description:

  • Develop software applications supporting FLIR deep learning enabled cameras
  • Work closely with relevant parties to create, test, and deploy deep learning software libraries and GUI
  • Support deep learning development via data collection, model training, model optimization and deployment

Required Skills: 

  • Experience in Python, C++, C development
  • Experience working in a team environment
  • Exceptional problem solving and communication skills
  • 2nd year university student (minimum) in the Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science field
  • MUST be currently enrolled at a post-secondary institution
  • Previous co-op terms in software development experience or equivalent work experience in the field is a Plus

Application deadline: Tuesday, February 26/2019

For more information, or to apply, contact Recruitment Manager, Integrated Imaging Solutions

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

Primary area: Microprocessors

3VGeomatics (3vG)

Primary area: Interferometric synthetic aperture radar
Company contact: Andy Pon and Todd MacKenzie

3vGeomatics (3vG) uses Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) to measure ground displacement to sub-centimetre precision for sites around the globe, including mines, dams, and even the summit of Mauna Kea. In InSAR, satellites bounce radio (~cm) wavelength pulses off the ground and measure the phase of the returning signal. Measurements of phase differences between successive orbits are then used to calculate changes in the ground level.

3vGeomatics is actively developing and refining its algorithms for reducing and analyzing InSAR data, including working on developing powerful parallelizable machine learning algorithms.

3vG is located in Vancouver and is eager to bring in graduate level co-op students to work with the company to improve its software tools. The types of potential projects suitable for a co-op student include developing TensorFlow algorithms to remove atmospheric phase delays correlated with topographic changes, improving filters for removing temporally variable atmospheric noise, developing and implementing machine learning algorithms for smoothing low coherence data, creating software that can take existing data on the locations of water bodies to enable masking of water pixels in InSAR data, creating algorithms to model and remove ionospheric contamination, and bench-marking the accuracy of processing chains via the use of simulated data sets.

Blue Sky Spectroscopy

Primary area: Spectrometers, radiometers for remote sensing applications
Company contact: Sudhakar Gunuganti


Primary area: AI, traffic networks, video detectors, data analysis, smart cities
Company contact: Maximilien Schirm

Deven Patel at the Centre d'optique, photonique et laser (COPL)
NTCO student Deven Patel in front of the HiCIBaS (High Contrast Imaging Balloon System) telescope.

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Opportunites at Gemini and JAO

In addition to placements with our industrial partners listed above, NTCO may sponsor one internship per year at both the Gemini Observatory (North or South) and the Joint Alma Observatory (Chile). Interested students should keep an eye on opportunites advertised on the NTCO Students page, or contact the for further details.

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