NTCO AGM Poster Session

July 19, 2022



Poster Title

Alicia Anderson

Efficiency of a Cryogenic Far-Infrared Diffraction Grating Spectrometer used as a Post-Dispersing Module

Courtney Bashnick

Development of a Shearing Interferometer for Testing Optical Communications Terminals

Sabrina Berger

Calibrating Radio Telescopes with the Global Navigation Satellite System

Spencer Bialek

Software Adaptive Optics

Matthew Buchan

Development of a Large Volume 4 Kelvin Closed-Cycle Cryostat


Adam Christiansen

Evaluation of optical fibre and components at cryogenic temperatures

Lina D'Aoust

Exploration of Supernovae Yields in the Formation of the Old, Metal-poor, Globular Cluster M15

Ashley Ferreira

Can deep learning help us create better Point Spread Functions, faster?

Jennifer Glover

FORECASTOR: An Exposure Time Calculator and Web Tool for the CASTOR space mission

Theodore Grosson

Identifying “fat” cosmic ray tracks in CCDs

Hao He

 Tracking ALMASystem Temperature Using WVR Data


Adam Johnson

Blinking the fringes, development and results of the Ultra-Low Speed Optical Chopper for the Self-Coherent Camera

Viraja Khatu

Designing Large-scale Active Galactic Nuclei Variability Surveys

Ophélie Légaré and Koichi Watanabe-Brouilette

Hicibas-II: A Balloon Platform To Probe Turbulence at 40km

Dia Martinez Gracey

Cosmic Ray Simulations for JWST FGS

Brian Muhwezi-Banyweine

Cryogenic Testing of Heaters and Thermal Cut-off Switches for the GIRMOS detector

Daniel Muhwezi-Banyweine

Injecting Starlight into a Single-Mode Fiber

Lowell Peltier

Gemini Automated Scheduler: Historical Analysis of Queue Plans

 Maxime Royer

 A Monte-Carlo Approach For The ADP

Fletcher Waller

The Gemini-south High-resolution Optical SpecTrograph(GHOST) data reduction system​