AGM 2017 Poster Session

At the NTCO 2017 AGM at UVic, NTCO students presented on their academic research, or on their internships with our industrial partners. 

NTCO student Nathan Brunetti
Nathan Brunetti, McMaster University
NTCO student Emily Pass
Emily Pass, University of Waterloo
NTCO student Stephanie Monty
Stephanie Monty, University of Victoria
NTCO student Mojtaba Taheri Nieh
Mojtaba Taheri Nieh, University of Victoria
NTCO student Ian Tretyakov
Ian Tretyakov, University of Toronto
NTCO student Jared Keown
Jared Keown, University of Victoria
NTCO student Spencer Bialek
Spencer Bialek, University of Victoria
NTCO students Deven Patel and Mireille Ouellet
Deven Patel and Mireille Ouellet, Laval University
NTCO student Daniel Cunningham
Daniel Cunningham, Saint Mary's Astronomy
NTCO student Farbod Jahandar
Farbod Jahandar, University of Victoria


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