NTCO undergraduate applications


Applications are now being accepted.

Why apply?
Undergraduate students selected for the program will receive:

  • Funding of up to $8000 towards their studies*
  • Free registration for the Dunlap Institute Summer School
  • Opportunities to network with academic and industrial members and potential employers from across Canada, and to participate in professional skills workshops to develop job readiness at the NTCO Annual General Meeting
  • Access to exclusive internship opportunities with our industrial partners

*When a student has significant other sources of funding, such as an NSERC USRA or a full salary from their internship employer, these amounts may be reduced in order to keep overall funding levels in line with institutional standards. Please get in touch for more information.

Please note: depending on university-specific policies, undergraduate stipends may be paid as a salary, in which case deductions for benefits and taxes will result in students receiving less than the full stipend amount.  If this happens, we encourage the student's supervisor(s) to top up the difference.

Program requirements
If accepted, undergraduate students must commit to:

  • Completing the expectations of their programs at their home institutions
  • Spending at least 2 months at an internship in Canadian industry*
  • Participating in a relevant academic research or design project at a university, a government research facility (HAA-Herzberg, DRAO, etc.), or institution (eg, TRIUMF)

*In cases where a student's academic research or design project has strong connections to industry, this requirement may be waived.  Please get in touch for more information.

Students will be selected for their academic skills and interests in astronomical instrumentation.  In order to be considered for admission into the NTCO-CREATE program, a student must have the support of an academic researcher who is willing to supervise them in a relevant research project.

Application Procedure
Submit your completed application form and current CV via email to the NTCO Program Coordinator at ntco@uvic.ca. Successful applicants can only be accepted provisionally until an industrial internship can be confirmed. Note that application packages may be shared with NTCO industrial partners, in order to help them identify potential student interns. 

The NTCO program is committed to diversity and inclusivity, and applications from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged.

More information can be found on the FAQ page.  The undergraduate application form is available here.


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