Director Scott Hofer with student affiliate Raquel Graham

Director Dr Scott Hofer with student affiliate Raquel Graham

Self-management BC health coaches at a training workshop at the Victoria site

Self-management BC health coaches at a training workshop at the Victoria site

Valued Elder Recognition Award recipient

From right to left: Executive Director of Eldercare Foundation Lori McLeod, Valued Elder Recognition Award recipient Glennys Hughes, and Institute Director Dr Scott Hofer

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health Ladner site

Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health Ladner site: Suite 210, 4907 Chisholm Street, Delta, BC V4K 2K6


IALH affiliates

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (IALH) is a network of individuals including university researchers, graduate and post-doctoral students, as well as community members, who are committed to improving the health and quality of life of an increasingly diverse population.

Community affiliates

Currently we have eight community affiliates are individuals interested in health and aging-related research who reside in the greater Victoria community.

Name Agency Position
Brownoff, Judy District of Sannich Councilor
Gray, John Community member
McLeod, Lori Eldercare Foundation Executive Director
Ng, Patrick Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen's Association Program Coordinator 
Shaver, Julie Ministry of Health Manager, Seniors Directorate 
Simon, Christie Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre Primary Care Nurse Practitioner 
Wale, Martin Advisory Board Chair, IALH
Wilden, Bev Community member 

The community affiliates can be .

External affiliates

Our 42 external affiliates reside in areas all across the world and conduct research in a variety of ways.

Name Organization
Antifeau, Elisabeth Interior Health Authority
Aoun, Samar Latrobe University
Asche, Carl University of Illinois
Brewster, Paul Island Health Authority
Broemeling, Anne-Marie University of British Columbia
Carson, Arlene AJ Carson Consulting & Research
Chi, Iris University of Southern California
Dow, Elizabeth University of Fraser Valley
Doyle, Veronica Consultant
Evans, David Island Health Authority
Funk, Laura University of Manitoba
Ghotboddini, Mohammad Meehdi Island Health Authority
Grande, Gunn University of Manchester
Gui, Shixun East China Normal University
Guo, Su-Er Chang Gung Institute of Technology
Hainstock, Taylor Island Health Authority
Holroyd, Ann Vancouver Island University
Hu, Weimin Island Health Authority
Kirk, Peter University of British Columbia
Koehn, Sharon Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence
Lai, Daniel Hong Kong Polytechnic University
MacCourt, Penny BC Psychogeriatric Association
MacFadgen, Lynne Vancouver Island University
Manville, Margaret Island Health Authority
Molzahn, Anita University of Alberta
Ng, Patrick Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens Association
Novak, Mark W. Oregan State University 
O'Rourke, Norm Simon Fraser University
Parke, Belinda University of Alberta 
Porac, Clare Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Reid, Colin University of British Columbia Okanagan 
Roos, Leslie University of Manitoba
Sawatzky, Richard Trinty Western University
Scott, Victoria BC Ministry of Health Planning (retired)
Stanwick, Richard Island Health Authority
Toye, Chris Curtin University
Watts, Laura Canadian Centre for Elder Law
Wister, Andrew Simon Fraser University
Wu, Zheng Simon Fraser University
Zimmer, Zachary University of Utah

Research affiliates

UVic faculty research affiliates specialize in research related to aging. They include experts in the fields of sociology, geography, psychology, economics, business, law, medical sciences, exercise science, philosophy, engineering, nursing, public health and social policy, child and youth care, social work, and public administration.


Research interests 

Borycki, Elizabeth

Health Information Science


Health management, organization, and strategy; disease management, respirology, and geriatrics; nursing informatics and the effect of technology upon nurses' work; evaluation of the impact of information technology in health care; clinical informatics

Branzan Albu, Alexandra 

 Faculty of Engineering



Computer vision; medical imaging; virtual reality; modelling and simulation

Bruce, Anne

School of Nursing


End-of-life care; nursing services; nursing education; contemplative practices in health care

Chappell, Neena



Caregiving to older adults; care for people with dementia; aging and ethnicity; quality and cost-effectiveness of community-based home and residential care; Canadian health care restructuring and reform

Christie, Brian

Division of Medical Sciences


Effects of exercise on the human brain

Cloutier, Denise

Department of Geography


Healthy aging; the continuum of care; aging in place; health care reform or restructuring; vulnerable populations; aging in small, rural, and remote communities

Con, Adam

School of Music


Tai Chi Chuan practice and neuroscience research; how neuroscience related to motor neuron

Deckha, Maneesha

Faculty of Law


Health law and bioethics; critical animal studies and animal law; feminist analysis of law; law and culture, and law society

Downey, Angela

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business


Health promotion; accounting; finance; and worksite wellness

Gallagher, Elaine

School of Nursing


Gerontology; health promotion; community development; elder abuse; falls among the elderly.

Garcia-Barrera, Mauricio

Department of Psychology


Clinical neuropsychology; executive functioning; concussions; neuroimaging

Gawryluk, Jodie

Department of Psychology


Identification of brain changes--functional or structural--that occur earliest in the Alzheimer's disease process; and, how such changes relate to cognitive ability; clinical neuropsychology; neuroimaging

Hayes, Michael

School of Public Health and Social Policy


Health inequities; disability; public policy; obesity; health literacy; population health promotion

Hofer, Scott

Department of Psychology


Identification and explanation of individual differences in developmental and aging-related processes; analysis and evaluation of longitudinal and life course studies; intensive measurement designs; developments in research methodology focused on measurement and analysis of change

Hundza, Sandra

School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education


Neural control of human movement; neural control of limbs and trunk during walking with aging, after injury (e.g., stroke), and with disease; rehabilitation and assistive devices and technologies related to mobility

Kluge, Eike-Henner

Department of Philosophy


Biomedical, professional, and information ethics

Kobayashi, Karen

Department of Sociology


Sociology of aging, ethnicity, and immigrant status; family dynamics and intergenerational relationships; health and illness; long-term care; dementia; research design

Kodar, Freya

Faculty of Law


Pensions, debtor, and creditor relations; social welfare law; feminist analysis of law; torts

Kuo, Alex Mu-Hsing

Health Information Science


Health Big Data analytics, health data interoperability, health database & data warehousing, data mining application in healthcare, e-health and clinical decision support system.

Kushniruk, Andre

Health Information Science


Evaluation of the use and usability of information systems; design and evaluation methodologies; eHealth and telemedicine; consumer informatics; cognitive aspects of decision support systems

Liu, Sam

Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

 Chronic disease prevention and management, eHealth/mHealth, Big Data and health surveillance, Physical activity, Health promotion

MacDonald, Stuart

Department of Psychology


Patterns and predictors of cognitive decline in the healthy elderly; developmental transition between primary and secondary aging

MacKenzie, Patricia

School of Social Work


Healthcare; aging; interdisciplinary practice; rural communities

Mallidou, Anastasia

School of Nursing


Health services research; knowledge translation; leadership for shaping effective and efficient healthcare systems

Masson, Michael



Cognition and action, human memory, Bayesian analysis of data

McGowan, Patrick

School of Public Health and Social Policy


Self-management health education programs for persons experiencing chronic health conditions

Moreau, Jeannine



Gerontology, women and violence, nursing education

Moss, Pamela

Studies in Policy and Practice


Body politics; women with chronic illness; theories of body and embodied theories; women's health; feminist research methodologies; autobiographical writing; contested illness; disabling subjectivities; alternative healing practices; chronic fatigue syndrome; veterans with PTSD

Penning, Margaret

Department of Sociology


Social support, informal and formal care in relation to chronic illness and disability; mental health and well-being; impact of structural inequalities on health and health care; Canadian health care restructuring and reform

Piccinin, Andrea

Department of Psychology


Life-span development; developmental research methods

Price, Morgan

Computer Science; Division of Medical Sciences


eHealth; Electronic Health Records; consumer eHealth; decision support; safer medication management; action research methods; continuity of care

Prince, Michael

Studies in Policy and Practice


Trends in social policy, past, present, and in the next generations; federal-provincial relations; aboriginal governance; policy making in the community

Rhodes, Ryan


School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education


Exercise adherence; intervention strategies to promote physical activity; social cognitive theories of exercise behavior change; personality and exercise behavior; exercise and quality of life; exercise among special populations

Sheets, Debra

School of Nursing


Gerontology and geriatric nursing; healthy aging; family caregivers; evaluation; geriatric nursing education; end-of-life care

Smart, Colette

Department of Psychology


Understanding the neural mechanisms underlying meditation practice in healthy and clinical populations; neural and neuropsychometric correlates of everyday functioning in older adults

Smith, André

Department of Sociology


Health and illness; dementia care; health policy; mental illness; qualitative methodologies; aging; and social inequality

Stajduhar, Kelli

School of Nursing


Palliative and end-of-life care; family caregiving; home care; HIV/AIDS; oncology; vulnerable and marginalized populations; gerontology; health services research; qualitative and quantitative research methods; mixed method study design; collaborative, participatory research

Warburton, Rebecca

School of Public Administration


Error reduction and patient safety in health care, evidence-based medicine, evidence-based public policy and healthy public policy, economic evaluation methods, health care technology assessment, population health, socioeconomic determinants of health, child poverty, children in care, impact of medical premiums on access to care, and the importance of public administration of medicare

Zehr, E. Paul

School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education


Neural control of human movement after stroke and spinal cord injury; arm and leg coordination during walking; enhancing neuroplasticity, biomechanics, motor behavior, and exercise physiology

Student affiliates

Our 48 student affiliates conduct health and aging-related research in their graduate and post-graduate studies.

Name Educational backgrounds
Abrar, Ambar Social Dimensions of Health
Alani, Adeshina Computer Science
Angus, Camille Social Dimensions of Health
Antonio, Marcy INTD: Nursing, Health Informatics
Bellwood, Paule Health Info Science
Bersenev, Stan Social Dimensions of Health
Burgoyne, Melody Social Dimensions of Health
Cartie, Mario Sociology
DeCarlo, Correne Psychology
Donald, Erin Nursing
Duggan, Emily Psychology
Fernandez, llia Psychology
Guan, Branda Public Health & Social Policy
Habibi, Ryan Computer Science
Halliday, Drew Psychology
Haq, Sabrina Kazi Sociology
Hararuk, Oleksandra Computer Science 
Hetherington, Arne Kinesiology
Hughes, Sally  Social Work
Injet, Jill Education
Jamal, Sherin Social Dimensions of Health
Jordan, Ali Psychology
Kangjam, Prithviraj Health Info Science 
Kawai, Keita Psychology
Kelly, Amanda Psychology
Khan, Mushira Mohsin Sociology
Knight, Jamie Psychology
Kurucz, Susan Nursing
Love, Janet Psychology
Mahoney, Jan Studies in Policy & Practice
Malange, Ramsay Public Administration
Mayo, Chantel Psychology
Min, Zheng Education
Mohammadzadeh, Shahrokh Nursing
Monkman, Helen Health Info Science
Musteata, Stela Division of Medical Sciences
Ohlhauser, Lisa Psychology
Pauluth-Penner, Trudy SDH Interdisciplinary
Rietze, Lori Nursing
Rounds, Kelsey Nursing
Rush, Jonathan Psychology
Saleh, Nasrin SDH Interdisciplinary
Shen, Yilan Nursing and Health Informatics
Silveira, Kristen Psychology
Skar, Pal Nursing
Spaner, Caroline Psychology
Yoneda, Tomiko Psychology


IALH advisory board

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health's advisory board provides input and direction for the policies and activities of the Institute. Its members serve a five-year term with a maximum term of 10 years. The board is comprised of 14 voting members who represent academic staff, government, the community sector, and individuals with an interest in research on aging.

Advisory board members

Name Representing
Bev Wilden (past chair) Community
Brian Christie Faculty
Debra Sheets Faculty
Elizabeth Borycki Faculty
John O Anderson UVic Retiree representative (observer)
Judy Brownoff Community (government)
Julie Shaver Government (ex-officio)
Lisa Kalynchuk Associate VP Research
Lori McLeod Community (non-government)
Martin Wale (chair) Island Health 
Michael Masson Associate Dean
Patrick McGowan Faculty (ex-officio)
Ryan Rhodes Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (ex-officio)
Scott Hofer Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (ex-officio)

The advisory board can be 


IALH partners

We partner with many organizations to study the social and psychological aspects of aging, population health and health services delivery.


Agewell logoAGE-WELL is a pan-Canadian network of industry, non-profit organizations, government, care providers, caregivers, end-users, and academic partners working together using high-quality research to drive innovation and create technologies and services that benefit older adults.

Our vision is to harness and build upon the potential of emerging and advanced technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, e-health, information communication technologies, and mobile technologies to stimulate technological, social, and policy innovation.

We aim to help older Canadians maintain their independence, health and quality of life through accessible technologies that increase their safety and security, support their independent living, and enhance their social participation.


CanAssist logoCanAssist is an organization at the University of Victoria that is dedicated both to helping people with disabilities improve their quality of life and to increase awareness of disability issues.

CanAssist develops innovative technologies and programs where there are gaps in existing services. Since its early days as a small volunteer venture, they have had a direct impact on the quality of life of many thousands of people with disabilities and their families.

Unique in North America, CanAssist take a client-focused approach to providingcustomized technologies and innovative programs where there are gaps in existing services.

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health work with CanAssist to support their innovations with evaluations and research development.

Island Health Research and Capacity Building

Island Health logoThe Research and Capacity Building department at Island Health provides support services to staff and the local research community to enable the conduct of a wide range of research initiatives.

Lafayette String Quartet

Lafayette logoThe Lafayette Health Awareness Series began in 2006 on the topic of breast cancer, which impacted the Lafayette String Quartet profoundly when one of our members was diagnosed and treated in 2001.

The Lafayette Health Awareness Forum was created to provide expert and updated health information to the public in a free forum on various health topics, and is supported by the Centre on Aging.

Since 1986, the Lafayette String Quartet has divided their time between entertaining audiences all over North America and Europe and teaching some of Canada’s finest young string players. Their residency at the University of Victoria is rich in local performances and community involvement.

Office of the Seniors Advocate

The Office of the Seniors Advocate monitors and analyzes seniors’ services and issues in B.C., and makes recommendations to government and service providers to address systemic issues.

Oregon Center for Aging and Technology (ORCATECH)

ORCATECH logoORCATECH is multi-disciplinary organization that is transforming clinical research by developing and implementing leading-edge technologies that harvest life's data in real time.

We specialize in medical technology consultation, design and development; technology-based medical trial consultation and coordination, from focus groups to field-testing; and high-resolution data handling and analysis.

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR)

SPOR logo Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR)is a coalition of federal, provincial and territorial partners, including patients and caregivers, researchers, health practitioners, policy makers, provincial/territorial health authorities, academic institutions, charities, and the pharmaceutical sector, all dedicated to the integration of research into care.

SPOR is about ensuring that the right patient receives the right intervention at the right time. Our objective is to foster evidence-informed health care by bringing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the point of care, so as to ensure greater quality, accountability, and accessibility of care.

The Eldercare Foundation

The Eldercare Foundation enhances the care, comfort, dignity and independence of elderly persons living in our Vancouver Island community.

We directly support over 700 residents who call Aberdeen, Mt Tolmie, Glengarry, Priory, Heritage Woods and Oak Bay Lodge "home" and assist the care of elderly persons living on Vancouver Island.

University of Victoria Retirees Association (UVRA)

UVRA logo The UVRA strengthens the link between retired employees, the university and each other. We encourage and promote a spirit of collegiality among members of the association, organize and promote activities for our members, and facilitate interaction with other retiree/senior organizations.

Together, the UVRA and Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health present Masterminds, an annual series of four lectures presented in April.