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DND/NSERC Research Partnership Grant

Discipline: Science and Engineering

Internal deadline: one week prior to external submission

External deadline: n/a

Additional information

DND/NSERC Partnership Grants provide funding for university-based research, research training and research-related activities carried out in collaboration with DND and Canadian-based companies, The program aims to generate new knowledge and support the development of new technical capabilities. Funding is limited to $500,000 for up to five years in the following priority areas:

  • Electronics: Technologies for ensuring the secure transmission of information over the entire electromagnetic spectrum;
  • Undersea Systems: Undersea sensor and response systems, including integration of undersea systems;
  • Information Systems: Integration of technologies for decision-making and for distribution of data and information among users;
  • Air Vehicles: Technologies and their integration that relate to flight in the earth's atmosphere;
  • Naval Platforms: Technologies that relate to the safe, efficient and effective operation of surface ships and underwater vehicles;
  • Mobility Systems: Technologies that affect mobility of land vehicles;
  • Surveillance Systems: Exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum for detection, tracking and classification of objects;
  • Human Systems Integration: Technologies supporting maximization of personnel readiness and performance through effective training strategies, human information processing, human-computer and human-machine interfaces;
  • Life Support Systems: Technologies concerned with human effectiveness, protection, health, safety and survival in operational environments.

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