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Book & creative works subvention fund guidelines


This fund assists in the publishing of scholarly books and creative work of UVic faculty members up to $3,500.

The fund is restricted to books and certain forms of creative work (see eligibility criteria below). Costs associated with journal or conference publications, academic textbooks or the translation of original work in its entirety are not covered by this fund.

Preference is given to publishing outcomes of externally grant-funded research.


Applications are accepted 3 times per year: 

Deadline Notification of decision
May 1 June 1
September 1 October 1
January 1 February 1
  • the funding envelope for each competition is $12,000 with a total budget allocation of $36,000 per fiscal year
  • if there are insufficient funds to award all eligible requests, funding gets prorated across eligible applications for the current period
  • unallocated funds for a given period get carried over to the next period 


All full-time UVic faculty members (including teaching professors) and librarians are eligible to apply. Only 1 application per applicant is considered in any 2-year period. Normally an applicant is awarded only 1 subvention in a 3-year period.

Subventions are considered for:

  • peer-reviewed, scholarly research works by recognized external North American or international scholarly publishing houses
  • art catalogues and collections for which the applicant is the artist or senior editor
  • non-print media such as electronic books, the production of a film/video or the production of a master recording
  • digital/electronic media such as the digitization of collections defined such that all of the content of the entire collection is freely available online
  • graphic novels related to applicants’ research or creative activity
  • literary works such as a collection of poems, a play or a screenplay
  • publication of a composition of music

There will be a 1-time subvention for any given work.

How to apply

Application form

  • include all required attachments with the application
  • email completed application forms
  • incomplete applications are returned, and if resubmitted are deemed to be received on the date of resubmission
  • decision notifications are by email 


The publisher and/or author will acknowledge UVic as having provided a subvention.

Eligible expenses

  • design, typesetting, layout and formatting (outside of what the publisher provides)
  • copy-editing (outside of what the publisher provides)
  • production of graphics or artwork
  • reproduction of images
  • indexing
  • open-access costs
  • translation of individual chapters from their original language (up to $2,000)

Only the costs associated with the direct act or process of publishing are eligible.

The maximum direct subsidy to a publisher is $2,500. Further costs may be included upon receipt of invoices for services provided outside of the publisher.

Ineligible expenses

Ineligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • costs associated with non-reviewed works and self-publishing
  • reimbursement for costs incurred more than 12 months before the application deadline
  • creation of teaching curriculum
  • honoraria for authors or editors 


Funds must be used within 12 months from the date of the award.

Any unused funds remaining at the end of that period are recalled. Requests for extensions are not normally granted.

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