Common questions about My UVic application

Where is my program of study?

There are several reasons that a program is not shown on the ‘Program of study’ page:

  • The program is not offered at UVic.
  • You have not indicated completion of the program entry requirements – these are shown on the relevant department website.
  • The program is a combined or double major, general, minor or concentration - only the primary area of study is selectable.

Certain specific programs only show if certain criteria have been met.

Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering programs in Biomedical, Civil, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and the Bachelor of Software Engineering program have a common set of first year courses. If you are applying to First Year Engineering, admission to a more specific program area of choice will be made before the start of your second year.

Please keep in mind that enrolment is the second year of the degree program is competitive and should the demand exceed the spaces available, admission to the second year of these degree programs will be based on academic performance in your first year of studies. Should you not gain admission to the second year of the program of your choice, you will be offered admission to an alternate engineering program.

Faculty of Human and Social Development - School of Social Work

Admission to the Bachelor of Social Work program requires completion of a minimum of two years (30 units) of an undergraduate program. As a result, if you have not completed any post-secondary course work, you will not see this area listed in your program selection screen.

Faculty of Education - Elementary Education

Students apply to enter the Elementary Education program at the second year level after completing at least one year of university level course work acceptable to the Faculty of Education.

Faculty of Education - Post Degree Programs

Post-Degree programs are second degree programs for those with an undergraduate degree who now wish to become elementary or middle school teachers. If you have not stated that you have or will finish a Bachelor degree before the start of your program at UVic, you will not see this in your program selection screen.

How do I prepare a document for upload?

  1. If a document is issued in a language other than English please provide a certified English translation.
  2. Scan documents in a readable resolution.
  3. Save each documents as a separate file. Only PDF files can be uploaded. Files in other formats (JPG, PNG, Word, TIFF) cannot be uploaded.
  4. If a single document consists of several pages, please scan all pages into a single file. 
  5. Files must not be password protected.
  6. Files must be 3MB or less in size. If you must scan in a lower resolution to ensure your documents are not larger than the limit, please ensure the document is still readable.

How do I convert a Word document to a PDF?

  1. Start Microsoft Word
  2. Open a .DOC document (or .docx document, which is introduced since Microsoft Office 2007)
  3. Select from main menu "File"->"Save As"
  4. A dialog will pop up, choose the destination and file name
  5. Select PDF as the file type from the “Save as type” dropdown.
  6. The Word document has now been saved as a PDF document and is ready for upload.