President's Beyond Borders Fund


President's Beyond Borders Fund has been provided by President Jamie Cassels to encourage two-way student mobility. A total of $449,000 is available over four academic years (2015/16 to 2018/19). This financial support streams from the President's Excellence Fund and Asia Partners Fund, which are targeted funds to UVic from donors.

“With this fund, I’m aiming to increase two-way mobility opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge, cultural understanding and educational experiences—opportunities for domestic students to get to know Canada better or experience another part of the world and opportunities for international students who come here and enrich our campus environment. I'm grateful to the donors whose support provides more access for students who might not otherwise be able to participate in such programs.”—UVic President Jamie Cassels, QC

The President’s Beyond Borders Fund student mobility initiatives fall into three categories:

  1. Two-way student mobility initiatives focused on the Asia-Pacific region: internships, field schools and co-op placements in the region, undergraduate tuition support for students from the region and graduate student support for students studying the region;
  2. Initiatives designed to increase student mobility within Canada: travel funds for a term at another Canadian university or for a co-op term elsewhere in the country, as well as subsidies for community co-op or internship at a non-profit organization in Canada; and
  3. Indigenous community work opportunities for students, e.g. subsidies for community co-op term or internship in Indigenous businesses, communities or community groups in Canada.

How to apply

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