How to nominate

The awards process begins with a call for nominations via various communications channels. A nominator must be an active University employee (faculty or staff) and make their nominations in writing via the prescribed nomination form.

Nominations that meet award criteria will remain active for three years; however, nominations will only be considered in year two and three if the nominator sends a letter and updated nomination form to the selection committee asking that this be done.

Selection process

A Selection Committee (see Terms of Reference) is convened to adjudicate the awards each year and to select recipients who go above and beyond what is expected of their role. As the awards are open to both individuals and teams from all employee groups, the selection committee considers nominees’ contributions within their particular contexts. For example, one employee’s role may allow more formal opportunities to meet the award criteria, whereas another person may need to reach above and beyond their formal role to achieve the same impact.

The selection committee would assess the nominees’ contributions in these positions on a relative rather than absolute basis. The same principle would apply in adjudicating teams and individual nominations in the same category. The committee convenes to review nominations, and then makes recommendations for final recipients to the President.


The awards will be announced at the “Cause for Applause” Awards Celebration. Individual recipients will receive a certificate of $1000 and teams will receive and share $2500.00. The total value of all awards will not exceed $12,500.00. Please note that monies received are a taxable benefit. Nominee and recipient profiles which meet award criteria will be posted to the Awards website. The award recipients will be featured in various university publications (such as the Ring) celebrating them and their contributions to the University community.

For questions regarding the nomination process please contact Karissa Sovdi: 250-721-8559 OR