Business and industry

US Patent Provides Network Security
UVic researcher Dr. Issa Traore (electrical and computer engineering) and Dr. Youssef Nakkabi, a senior scientist and programmer at Plurilock.

Infrastructure to support innovation

UVic has the experience and facilities to help our students and faculty put their great ideas and discoveries to work in our society.

Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit (RPKM)

RPKM builds research partnerships to mobilize knowledge for the benefit of the community. They connect UVic faculty and students with a wide range of external partners including industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, other post-secondary institutions, and Indigenous governments and organizations.

They can help:

  • connect you with the right people for your idea or project
  • provide information about funding and grant opportunities
  • clarify and navigate regulatory environments
  • develop confidentiality, non-disclosure and research agreements
  • manage intellectual property and technology licensing arrangements
  • explore ways to communicate your project results

If you're an industry organization looking to collaborate, tell RPKM about your research idea and get connected to people who can move your project forward.

Vancouver Island Technology Park

By giving high-tech a place to grow, the UVic-owned Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) has helped transform Greater Victoria into the second largest technology centre in BC.

At VITP, emerging technology companies are linked with local, provincial, national and international resources, fostering an environment of collaborative development.