International perspectives

International students talk frankly, openly and genuinely about what they love about their life at the University of Victoria.

Fostering a global community

Whether it's welcoming and supporting international students or developing partnerships abroad, the University of Victoria is connected to the world.

The UVic International Plan: Making a World of Difference 2017-2022, launched in October 2016, takes our global commitment another step further by identifying key objectives and strategies to move us forward in this era of heightened connectivity, complex geopolitics and increased international collaboration.

UVic attracts international students (nearly 4,000 in total, including almost 3,000 students here on study permits from 118 countries around the world) and faculty from around the world. Discovery, creativity and innovation come naturally here, in a vibrant Pacific Rim community rich with international perspectives.

An international focus is an important part of the UVic experience. It's found in our wide range of international research and development projects and the international content in our curriculum.

Agreements with higher education institutions in 60 countries give our students a wide range of choices to study or work internationally.

Each year, more than 800 UVic students also pursue formal international learning experiences including field schools, exchange programs, practica and co-ops.

UVic is also a hub for international collaboration. Our researchers publish a higher proportion of internationally co-authored scientific papers than any other Canadian university.

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