Frequently asked questions

The basics:

What is the UVic ONECard?

The UVic ONECard, introduced in 2014, is the official identification card for the University of Victoria community. As long as you're affiliated with UVic, your ONECard will be your most important piece of ID. Carry it with you at all times when on campus.


  • Official University of Victoria Identification
  • Student Meal Plan card
  • ONECard Flex account card
  • Library card
  • Access to recreation facilities*
  • Universal Bus Pass BC Transit card*
  • UVic Health Services identification card

Coming soon: vending machines and more!

* Students taking on-campus credit courses are paying this access fee in their tuition (U-Pass and recreation).

Who is eligible for a UVic ONECard?

  • Any registered student at the University of Victoria
  • Current faculty and staff members
  • UVic retirees
  • UVic alumni
  • Anyone sponsored by a UVic department is eligible for an Affiliate card

How do I get my UVic ONECard?

All UVic ONECards are issued from the ONECard office during business hours in the University Centre lobby. New students (Faculty& Staff) can have a ONECard created through the photo online service available through MyPage.  Submit your photo and pick it up when you arrive on campus! 

To obtain your UVic ONECard ID you will need your UVic identification number and one piece of government issued photo identification.  Please ensure the government issued photo ID is in English so we can identify your name and date of birth.  Your name will appear on the card exactly as it appears on the government issued identification and this must match the UVic administration system (banner). The key requirement of your ONECard is that the photo clearly identifies the cardholder. A picture is mandatory in order to receive a ONECard. The University of Victoria ONECard is yours alone to use, but it remains the property of the University, it must be shown on demand and can be confiscated for misuse.  It is not transferable under any conditions. Do not lend your ONECard to any other person.

Accepted Gov't issued Photo ID:

  • Passport
  • Driver's licence
  • BCID
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Federal government employee ID
  • Provincial government employee ID
  • Municipal government employee ID


  • You may wear prescription glasses as long as your eyes are clearly visible
  • No sunglasses and/or hats 
  • Your photo will be taken with a neutral facial expression, eyes open and clearly visible but you can smile!
  • Your photo will reflect your current appearance (within the last year)
  • Veiled students can make an appointment before opening hours, to be photographed without their veil by a female employee

By submitting my photo online, I certify that I am the person in this photo and I confirm that this photo is a true likeness of myself.

Submitting a false photo of yourself is in violation of the UVic Policy - Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations 4.00 Non-Academic Misconduct includes but is not limited to where a Student engages in any of the following types of conduct on university property or in connection with a University Activity:

(a) theft, damage or destruction of property;
(b) unauthorized entry or presence on university property;
(c) fraud or impersonation;
(d) disruptive or dangerous behaviours to self or others;
(e) unlawful possession or use of alcohol that violates the university liquor policy;
(f) use or possession of illicit drugs;
(g) other activities that result in criminal charges or conviction or a court judgment.

Learn more about getting your ONECard.

Where and how do I use my UVic ONECard?

Your ONECard has a magnetic swipe and is also a contactless card.

The swipe is used for Vikes Recreation access, U-Pass and UVic libraries.

The contactless chip lets you "tap and go" at point-of-sale readers. It debits the funds directly from your ONECard account. Currently only University Food Services outlets are accepting ONECards but more ONECard outlet locations coming soon!

Is my UVic ONECard transferable?

No. Your ONECard is non-transferable and can be used only by you.

In the event your card is used by someone else, the card will be confiscated and you may be subject to sanctions, pursuant to university policies. This includes the policy on academic fraud. Refer to the ONECard terms and conditions.

Does my UVic ONECard expire?

UVic ONECards do not expire if you continue to attend the University of Victoria as a student, are a faculty/staff member or remain active within our systems such as a retiree or alumni. Access to many services on campus is tied to your status. Returning students can reactivate their U-Pass at any BC Transit U-Pass kiosk on campus.

Returning to campus

If you leave the UVic community but return, your UVic ONECard can be re-activated. Please bring this card with you to the ONECard office for re-activation or a replacement fee will be charged.  

I am staff and a student... can I have two cards?

No, only a single UVic ID ONECard may be active at a time.

Your ONECard has five designations available for personalization including Faculty/Staff, Grad, Student, Alumni and UVic Retiree know as Affiliate.  All other Affiliate members would incur the $20.00 Affiliate card fee.

At the time your ONECard is issued, you may choose your preferred designation based on eligibility.

If your designation changes witin the year, you may change your card designation but you'll have to forfeit your original ONECard. 

Will my student U-Pass work on my staff card?

Yes, if you are both student and staff, your U-Pass privileges can be assigned to the ONECard printed with your appropriate designation.

Where can I find information about adding a Meal Plan Account?

You can find out more on UVic's Meal Plan options at the University Food Services website.

I have a Meal Plan account, where can I find information about my Flex Account? And, what is a ONECard Flex?

Find out more information about the ONECard Flex account.

Getting your card:

I submited my photo online, how will I know if it's accepted?

All communications regarding the status of your ONECard will be sent to your UVic email account. You will receive an email verification with information and where to pick-up your card.

If your photo is denied, you will also receive an email notification with instructions.

What if my photo was not accepted?

You will receive an email that includes the reason the photo was not be accepted. You can then submit a new photo, which meets all requirements. Once the new photo is reviewed, you will receive email communications verifying the status for that photo. 

Submitting a false photo of yourself is in violation of the UVic Policy - Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations for fraud or impersonation. If we notice the photo isn't of true likeness wehn you come in, you will be required ot have your photo taken at our office.  Please do not use filters or alter your photo in any way.

Can I change my picture later?

After an uploaded photo is approved, the photo cannot be changed. You may request a new ONECard however, this is a replacement fee of $20 and this must be done at the ONECard office.

Where do I pick up my ONECard?

Your ONECard will be ready for pick-up at the location emailed to you when the photo is approved. You will be required to show a piece of government issued photo ID in order to pick-up your ONECard.

What do I need to pick-up my ONECard?

You will be required to show a government-issued photo ID when you pick-up your card.

Can anyone pick up my ONECard?

Only the cardholder can pick-up their ONECard. You will be required to show a government-issued photo ID when you pick-up your card.

Is my U-Pass and funds active when I pick up my ONECard?

If you are registered in at least one on-campus credit course, your card will have the U-Pass encoded for the duration of that course. When you re-register for courses charging you the U-Pass fee, you must update your ONECard at the U-Pass self-service kiosks in the University Centre lobby or in the UVSS, Student Union Building 24 hours after you re-register.

How do I get a replacement UVic ONECard and what do I need to bring with me?

If you lost your UVic ONECard, you will need to go to the UVic ONECard office during business hours and pay a $20 replacement fee for a new card. The ONECard Office accepts cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard as well as the ONECard funds.

You must also bring a piece of valid government-issued photo identification.

Online & financial:

How do I deposit funds onto my UVic ONECard?

There are several ways to deposit funds onto your ONECard:

See adding funds to your card for further information.

How do I log into the online website?

When you receive your UVic ONECard, you will already have access to your ONECard account using your NetLink ID and password. Here's what you need to log onto the card website:

Students/faculty/staff and current cardholders

You'll need your NetLink ID and password to manage your accounts online and add funds 24/7.

Parents/guardian or friends

In order to gift funds to an account, you will need to enter the card holder's V00 (9 digit) identification number and year of birth (MM/DD/YY).

Moneris Online Hosted Vault

The integration with Moneris Hosted Tokenization (HT) reduces the UVic PCI-compliance assessment scope due to the fact that credit card numbers are not captured or stored at UVic. 

Your card information in it’s entirety is not stored at UVic or on any UVic server. 

Can I have multiple accounts on my UVic ONECard?

Yes, your ONECard gives you the flexibility of having all 2 accounts:

How can I check my balance?

There are a few ways to check your balance:

Is there a maximum amount of money I can deposit to my Flex account?

Yes, we have a maximum balance amount on the ONECard Flex Account of $2000.00.  All accounts will be monitored for large balances. Should your account have an excess of this amount we’ll  freeze your balance and ask you to come in for a refund on the difference.  We do have a minimum debit/credit amount at the office of $5.00.

Does my account become dormant?

Any account that has been dormant for three (3) years will be deemed inactive, and any funds remaining will revert into a holding account. The funds can be re-activated at any time by visiting the onecard office in person.

Lost or stolen cards:

What do I do if my UVic ONECard is lost, stolen or damaged?

The first and most important thing you should do is freeze your funds right away. This will prevent anyone else from being able to use the funds on it.

You can freeze your ONECard funds online, or by visiting the UVic ONECard office.  If you find your card, you can reactivate it by taking it to the ONECard office.  In the event of a system outage where you are unable to report your card lost or stolen online, please email the onecard office requesting the card to be frozen, use your preferred e-mail, providing your name and V00#.  Staff will be able to freeze your card during normal business hours. 

If your ONECard is damaged, go to the UVic ONECard office to get a replacement card. A $20 fee applies for all replacement cards.  You must bring a piece of valid government-issued photo identification.  Confiscated cards, please refer to section 12 of the cardholder agreement. 

If I lose my UVic ONECard, do I lose the funds I have on it?

Not if you freeze your ONECard before someone had a chance to use your card.

It's important to freeze your ONECard funds as soon as you realize that it has been lost, misplaced or stolen. You are responsible for all transactions made prior to the card being deactivated.

Once your ONECard is frozen, visit the UVic ONECard Office.  The funds on your ONECard will be transferred to your new ONECard. A $20 fee applies for all replacement cards.  

If you find your ONECard before replacing it, you can bring it to the ONECard Office to be reactivated (unfrozen).  Once a new ONECard is created, any other ONECard will become inactive, and cannot be reactivated and should be destroyed. 

If someone uses my UVic ONECard before I deactivate it, can I get credited?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot credit purchases made by someone else.

This is why it's important to take care of your ONECard and freeze it as soon as you notice it missing. The card is your responsibility.

If someone has used your ONECard fraudulently, report it the UVic ONECard office as soon as possible so the incident can be investigated. 

What should I do if I find a UVic ONECard?

Bring it to either the UVic ONECard Office in the lobby of the University Centre or drop it off at Campus Security (near the bus loop and the bookstore).

What if I leave UVic and then return?

Bring your ONECard to the ONECard office, we will ensure your status is showing and your card is active.  If you don't have your card, a replacement fee will apply. 

ONECard security:

Where is UVic's ONECard system hosted?

The ONECard system is locally hosted on the UVic campus in a secure data centre, and is managed by University of Victoria staff.

What type of technology does the ONECard use?

The UVic ONECard is a MIFARE Classic smart card that communicates via Near Field Communication (NFC). MIFARE is an industry standard technology with millions of cards in circulation around the world. The technology is commonly used for campus card systems, transit, and door access control.

Do I have Door Access using my ONECard?

Some users will have Door Access Control assigned as a priviledge.  Depending on your department, some studetns, faculty & staff have door access control using their onecard.  

What information is stored on my ONECard?

The contactless chip of your ONECard stores your UVic ID number, a site ID used to distinguish your card from other institutions, and the issue number of your card. Account balances and funds are not stored on the ONECard, but rather your ONECard can be used to access them from the central ONECard system, similar to a debit card. Additional biographic information such as names, affiliations, and contact information are also not stored on the card.

Is my ONECard secure and encrypted?

Information stored on the ONECard is encrypted using standard MIFARE Classic encryption. In addition, the data blocks of the contactless chip are encrypted using AES-256 encryption using a separate security key from the one used to encrypt the card itself.

Can the information on my ONECard be read from a distance or from within my wallet?

The UVic ONECard uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which requires another NFC-enabled device to be within 50mm to communicate. The information on the card is encrypted, and will only work with UVic's ONECard system for payment.

Card holders should take appropriate measures to safeguard their card and not leave it unattended in an insecure location.  They should also be wary of suspicious activities around point of sale systems, just as they are with debit and credit cards.

If you have any other questions about the ONECard, email the UVic ONECard office at or the University Food Services office at .