Get your ONECard

University Centre
ONECard office in the University Centre

Online - submit your photo online and pickup your card when you arrive!  Just log into My page using your NetLink ID and upload your photo. You will be notified via email when your card is ready for pickup at our ONECard office in the University Centre.

Take a photo

Dos and don'ts of photo submission

Any editing required (eliminating red-eye, etc.) must be done before you submit the photo. You will have the opportunity to crop once uploaded. 

Your photo must be:

  • Current
  • In colour
  • A .jpg format
  • On a white, smooth background
  • Centered
  • Show a front view of face
  • Cropped like a passport
  • Show open and visible eyes
  • Be appropriate

Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so.

Your photo must NOT have:

  • Hats, sunglasses or other obstructing items
  • A glare on glasses
  • Shadows
  • Other visible people or objects
  • An inappropriate expression

All photos are subject to approval and will be denied if requirements are not met.

Submit your photo online

September line-ups are long!  Beat the rush and submit our photo by logging into My page & simply following the instructions.

All photos sent will get either the "approved response" or a "denied response" both with an explanation. 

Note: If you already have a photo on file you are not eligible and the photo submission option will not be visible.  

Ready? Submit your photo now.

Pick up your card

When your photo has successfully been submitted it will be reviewed by ONECard staff. Our office will email you at your preferred e-mail listed (within 3 business days).  

  • If it has been rejected, you will be asked to re-submit a new photo following the instructions in the email.
  • If your photo has been approved, you will be sent the pick-up details.  
  • Your card will not be released to you without valid government issued photo ID 

In person - visit the ONECard office in the University Centre. Bring your V number (V00#) and a valid piece of government-issued photo ID.

Accepted photo ID

To obtain your UVic ONECard ID you will need your V00# and 1- piece of government issued photo identification, ex: 

  • Passport
  • Driver's licence
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Federal government employee ID
  • Provincial government employee ID
  • Municipal government employee ID


What to wear

A key requirement for a ONECard is the photo: 

  • You may wear prescription glasses as long as your eyes are clearly visible
  • No sunglasses or hats
  • Veiled students can make a private appointment to be photographed without their veil by a female employee
  • Your photo will be taken with a neutral facial expression, similar to a passport photo but SMILE!
  • You must be wearing a shirt visable in the photo

Specifying your preferred name

A preferred first name is a name that you commonly use that may be different from your legal first name. For your UVic ONECard a preferred name can be used as set out in the examples below.

A student, with the full legal name "Robert William Smith", might actually go by one of their legal names "Will" or "Bob" and not "Robert". This student's preferred first name can be "Rob or Bill". 

We respect individuals rights to self-determination and self-description. A transgender student who has the legal first name as "Michael" but uses the name "Michelle" will be provided a card with the preferred first name of "Michelle". For more information please visit:

How do I indicate my preferred first name for my ONECard?

Prospective students may ask for their preferred first name to be printed on their ONECard. Anyone requesting a preferred first name that is not a derivative of their first or middle legal name are asked to contact the for card issuance. All name changes after a ONECard is issued will be subject to a $20 card replacement fee.

Name Change

If you have a name change, please bring:

  • either a marriage or divorce certificate 
  • the official name change certificate 
  • 1 piece of government issued photo identification   

Note: All name changes after a ONECard is issued will be subject to a $20 card replacement fee.

Got a question? Check out our FAQ.

A Distant Education Student or UVic Alumni not residing in the Victoria area may request a card via mail.  Please contact us at for more information.