New faculty/staff usually have to wait until their first pay cheque has been produced before the system reflects the correct status in order to get a card.  Grant-funded employees are eligible for an Affiliate card (as noted below).  After creating your netlink ID, please wait 24 hours and submit your photo online.  

UVic Retiree

As a University of Victoria Retiree you are eligible for a FREE Affiliate card.  This card provides you with:

  • cardholder identification
  • access to library privileges
  • access to athletic privileges


The Affiliate ONECard is $20.00 and can be charged to the department account

Carsa membership / Library Card

If you're not associated with the University and wish to use our recreational facilities, you can purchase a membership from Vikes Athletics and Recreation at CARSA or the McKinnon Building.

You may also contact UVic Library Services regarding a community library card if you are not eligibile for a UVic ONECard.